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October 01, 2009



YUM-MO!!!!! I need to do that too! We only have about enough apples for the whole town of Logan growing out there...

Lisa Queen

I don't ever think I have seen a bag a apples that big for sale in my life! MMmmmmm! My kids would go crazy!


We need photos of Banjo!!!


inspiring stuff em, i am impressed !!!!! :)


Bon voyage et bon chance! :-)

Leanne Love

Good luck with the travelling Emily. I am sure your three angels will be perfectly behaved. Love the look of those dried apples - yummo nothing better.



Loving those apples! Good luck for the drive and enjoy the wedding.
Sue xx


Yummie! I love those apple rings. I buy them at the eco-store here. But I'm sure they are even better home-made-style.


Isn't it totally the wrong season for cheap apples there? We're getting them here, but I was a tad surprised. I think a dehydrator is something I need to invest in. Fantastic bargain. As for driving in the car with three, one of which is a baby, just remember to stop and change the baby! We once drove from Mildura to Canberra with one stop (a LONG day) with 3 in the back, one a baby. We just kept giving the baby bottles every time he grizzled (I know that's not going to happen with Banjo, but Kit was muc older) and then right when we hit Canberra in the dark at peak hour he was screaming. We had to navigate our way (pre GPS) with a screaming baby. When we finally stopped and pulled him out of his seat, his nappy just fell off and distintergrated. We'd forgotten to change him the WHOLE day!


HI Emily!!! I know I'm so late :(, but I just wanted to welcome baby Banjo, he's soo cute!! Congratulations to all the family, you are always on my mind :)! xxooxx manu


Dejavu! I just drove from Walpole to Perth (not far off 6 hours - blahhh) and bought copious amounts of fruit in Donnybrook. The playground in Donnybrook is 'hugenormous' ( a Molly-ism!).

Hebe Baker

I must confess I felt really guilty reading that - I am sat eating a bag of KP Skips. I've never had apple rings so am going to try in the oven (not sure if it will work but what's the worst that could happen?!?


YAY for Apples!!!

I just bought them for 10 cents a piece...150 of them! I dried rings, canned apple sauce and apple pie filling, and made some fresh apple sauce and pies to eat right now! YUM! I love fall! (it's not fall for you though....apples are STILL yummy!

Sherri P eh

Impressive apple haul! Safe travels and enjoy the celebration!!


ooooo....thats what i'll do today..i have "source" for apples...I like the oven idea!!Love you LDS for all your clever food saving ideas!!!!!!
Get your mama to write a blog!!!!!!!!!!! We could all glean soooo much from her!!! And pick the brain of a woman who produced amazing kids!!!! hugs!

Alison Gibbs

Yummy, good luck on the road trip!!


That looks Yummy! We are headed to Julien this weekend for some apple picking! although I don't own a dehydrater.


Best wishes Em. We drove from Melbourne to Brisbane with a newborn soooooo Good Luck.
ps. Luv the apples and my kids love my apple slinky.


ah! your sweet endeavors and sweet family make me smile! xo


Wow! That is one impressive bag of apples. What a bargin. Enjoy :-)


I'm way late on this..but congratulations on the birth of Banjo, just like your other children, he is lovely!!

I alsojust paid $7 for 2 apples, 2 oranges, and 2 pears. :-( Glad you got a bargain for your growing family. :-)


Yindi looks chubby and delicious.
Your apple jar pic is awesome.

Goddess Leonie

oh my goodness... this is utterly perfect....... om nom nom nom... apples!!!! so divine, sweetie! i love how you do life!

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