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October 10, 2009


Lindsay R

thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing such personal, wonderful stories with us. i have never met you personally, but i feel a connection anyway, in terms of similar ideas/thoughts/feelings/hopes, etc. you're an inspiration to me on a daily basis, and i'm thankful to have this amazing internet world to have found you! i have three little ones also, and i relish every bit of baby/birth/family story i can get -- yours are among my favorite!!! wishing you tons more juicy moments, i know you will have many. and in the moments when things get a little tough, just know that other nicer moments are just around the corner. love, love, love to you and your family from the middle of no-where oregon! ;-)


precious baby boy, creative drawing by ivy, inspiring on the cloth diapers, and not even a bit disgusting on the placenta....just beautiful and healthy.....enjoy this time..


The best babystuff is the stuff that you make yourself! Only with the twins it was hard to keep up with the clothes so i had to buy it.

Never heard about the placenta eating - but I think that frozen little parts are definitly the way to go! :-)
Animals do it all the time, so there is much more to it than we might know!

Stacy (Mama-Om)

Cute!!! Those are great booties.

And I'm not too grossed out by the placenta. Almost wish I were having a third baby so I could look into doing it myself. :)


such a fun, warm and glowing post, thank you! and those booties are just perfect for Banjo's twiggy legs.

you won't see me squirming in my chair about the placenta ;-) I've been planning to do the same thing myself this time, after our baby is born, just haven't decided yet whether it's going to be powdered and encapsulated or just frozen...

oh, and that drawing of your birth by Ivy? that's simply brilliant and such an incredible treasure to have.


Hysterical Article about Placenta Eating from a first time father's point of view...


Your baby is beautiful!


Thanks for the Banjo pictures. He's such a little chunker. My babies still look like skinned chickens at three weeks.


The drawing is adorable! I love the baby hammock. I've never seen one of those.

As for the placenta eating, I've heard this does wonders for leveling off the estrogen surges so you don't go through the crazy postpartum phase. It you dry it in a dehydrator and then blend it in a coffee grinder, you would be able to put it in capsules just to make it easier to take. Just a thought.



yay, i really enjoyed your baby post:) i love your blog, it's so homey and cozy. i love to peek into your sweet life, it inspires me.


i've heard about the placenta thing... it seems kinda icky but that's such a better way to do it that in like a smoothie!
i'm happy to see your little boy :)


he is so, so sweet!!!
love his little face and that
he "swam up to you..."
ah! a merman in the flesh!

meg duerksen

i have never even heard of that. i have heard of planting it? but not eating it? interesting.
i just did exactly what the hospital and dr's told me too....and now that i am all done having babies...i SO WISH i had tried doing things my own way. anything that i would have liked. but i was too scared.
home birth or midwives....i wish i had tried.
good for you!
he is so cute i would love to kiss him all day. what a blessing!


I have 3 children of my own - it´s really true what they say about them growing up so fast by the way. Mine are now 17, 15 and 14 and it still feels like yesterday and forever ago that they were born. My eyes almost popped out when I read about the placenta, hmmm, not sure what I think about that. Love all the little baby bits and baby Banjo of-course. I´m sending some healing energy your way.

tara pollard pakosta

what a GREAT drawing!
baby banjo is PRECIOUS!
I had home births with both of my girls, but I have never heard of the placenta eating thing and almost threw up when I read more about it! I have a weak stomach though! HA!



(still laughing)


Will you consume the whole placenta? Do you wash it or boil it before you take it? My mum buried hers in the backyard.

Katie Squires

I loved reading ever word of this post, you are so AWESOME!! really, please keep sharing :) :) :)


I adore hearing about your babies, all three. You make me want to go back and redo my three babies (although they aren't quite babies anymore, all are over 20). Much love to you and yours.


Lovely, lovely post. Thank you for sharing everything. I have never known a woman to consume the placenta and NOT have a much easier time recovering in all ways. It seems to have a profound effect for healing, emotional balance and hormonal balance. I've heard that consuming it all in about a week has the most dramatic results, so I'm going to give that a try this time... If I can ;-) Seems like a lot, but strawberry smoothies here I come ;-)

Happy for you!


Congratulations on "bouncing" back after your baby! Your stories make me wish I was able to have another one or two or more, but i have two which is more than I thought to ever have had. I have to admit I've never heard about eating the placenta in human mothers. But on the farm I grew up, it was expected for the cows, horses, and sheep to eat theirs and my dad said it was a sign of a good mother. I have to admit a little bit of squeamishness on the idea of doing it, but when I think of how quickly the animals got up and started caring for their young and seemed to recovery (even from a difficult birth) it does make sense.


Thanks for sharing this beautiful post with us, Em. I have heard about the mother eating part of the placenta before and, while it may sound a little off-putting, it's really quite natural. I've heard that drinking a cup of your first morning urine is also supposed to have very beneficial affects on the body. I've never tried it so can't vouch for it but, apparently, it's true.

Your post also reminded me of a simpler time when the kids and I returned to Australia from the States with basically all our belongings packed into our suitcases. It's been now ten years and we've accumulated sooooooooo much stuff that I sometimes yearn for the simpler time where we had only a small amount of belongings. The simple life truly has a lot going for it.


your blog is a favourite of mine and i love seeing ur beautiful families journey! banjo is so precious, as are ur girls! there is something so intoxicating about a newborn! the births of my children couldnt have been more different to ur experience,{caesarians} but after all it is just that 'your experience' so perfect and profound! as is the decision to eat the placenta, if that is ur thing then im all for it...much like eating steak i guess? keep on keeping it real girlfriend!


Sadly, I have never given birth. Pregnant once but miscarried. I still love baby stories about the birth and all that goes with it and this was so lovely to share. I am not at all grossed out by the placenta and I love the fact you gave birth in the tub. It may seem weird but years ago my best and closest friends invited me to be present during the births of two of their children. It was hands-down the most amazing thing to experience and I will never forget it.
Even though I have yet to experience giving birth, I have had the privelage of being step-mumma to two.
Banjo is awesome and I too love the drawing Ivy did. How beautiful that they got to experience the birth as well. I think it's a celebration.
Glad you are savouring every moment.

Holly C.

Thank you for sharing your lovely family (and placenta eating story, of course).☺

Alison Gibbs

Oh what a sweet little man you have there. I just love the drawing - their little eyes don't miss anything - right down to the tiniest detail. It is amazing how many clothes some babies have and don't need, just having enough to get by on sounds perfect to me.

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