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November 06, 2009



Dont be too hard on yourself about getting them done, we enjoy the ones we have done and if we dont complete 52, whether we have done 1 or 44, we all completed something we might not have otherwise.
Sorry for crazy ramble comment, hope you get what I mean.

Sherri P eh

Emily, if most of us were caught up and waiting to do the next one, you might feel a bit guilty. But almost ALL of us aren't able to do them weekly and are ALWAYS playing catch up. I think there are two, maybe three people who have completed 43 (and I'm not one of them!J) so most of the group has plenty to keep them busy! I just don't want it to end -- it's been SO much fun! Thank you for keeping it up, even with a new babe and overseas move!!


We understand.
Just whenever you get to things is fine with us!
We've all been there.

Kiss the kids for all of us!


We have truly enjoyed the 52Q, there's 5 of us and only 2 are caught up don't be so hard on yourself. I know none of us could have done what you have in this past year. We will do them when you get them to us. Don't stress... We love you all...

carole R

Hey, no need to be sorry! Whenever they arrive is good. I enjoy the questions and they make me think ( always a good thing!) Much love and fond wishes to you and your delightful family.
You rock Emily!


Well, your timing is perfect! I found out about 52Q last July, joining in with a list of the previous 7 month's worth of questions. And this week I was up to Q43 and so by your being "late" I finally caught up! It has been a magical journey, and I've loved the feeling of running way behind you lot, slow and steady and totally motivated. Thank you!

And just today I was thinking how I love the journaling part on the back of my cards and how maybe next year i would buy a small journal, decorating a page and writing on the backside. So please, tell me there will be another year coming?!


well, this week, for about the first time all year, i enjoyed the completely unaccustomed feeling of being "caught up" for two whole days, so i thank you for that!!! :)

but seriously...this whole adventure is a MASSIVELY generous and wonderful gift you've shared with us! i cannot imagine there's ANYONE out here thinking, "oof that emily is BEHIND! what a bad example!" and if they are, then SHAME ON THEM!!!

if anything, i'm sad that you're not getting to fully experience the FUN of this (which for me is making & enjoying the cards/tags) but luckily there is no statute of limitations on papercrafts, so however many you do will still be enjoyable WHENEVER you do them!

in the meantime, while some of us were merely making cards, you've managed the magnificent creation that is young banjo...AND his two amazing big sisters!!!

many thanks for 44 awesome weeks!


Leisa A. Hammett

Oh, Lordy! A baby is a big deal. Life will never be the same. But that's a Good Thang, too! I just found your blog through Chookooloonks.


I am well behind with my tags (on number 32 at the mo) but I dip into them as and when I can. I will keep it up until I finish - I'm like that see.



I love these prompts and I'm way behind too so don't you fret. Don't ever feel that you have to apologize for anything!

Teresa C

Don't stress Emily... I'm playing catch up constantly..and I don't have half the excuses you have!!! Go easy on yourself. Just go with the flow... have a great day xx


I follow my gut. I find we instinctively know the path that is best. We just often don't like where we are being led or its not an easy path to take, so we try to logic our way into another choice. It's when I don't follow my gut that I end up in trouble. Which, when I was younger, use to be often. Praise God that with age comes wisdom....sometimes.


You're doing a great job. We love the challenge, playing catch up is part of it, so don't feel guilty.


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