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November 11, 2009



I guess mine would be fireflies by owl city (:


I can't tell you A song, because it is currently a whole CD. Draw the Line by David Gray is something I can not CAN NOT live without this fall/wintery season. I heart him. I adore him. He sings like he has peered into my soul. I think Harder is my favorite track...but that changes day to day :)


Old MacDonald Had A Farm, only I'm the one on repeat. The smiles I get when I sing "E I E I O" are well worth it!!


That's a powerful song... thanks for sharing. It sounds like something from Grey's Anatomy... my fave show. ;)


Moving, sad that I can totally relate. I am in love with Citizen Cope "sideways".


Love love love this song!! Thank you so much for sharing it. I downloaded it from iTunes and I've listened to it more times than I care to say! :)


I am so in love with The Avett Brothers..I and Love and You


Not to mention...but those Avett Brothers are kind of dreamy ;)


That's a beautiful song! I've never heard it so thanks for introducing me to it. I've had a song on replay for about 2 years now that I will put on my card. I think I'll record me playing it on the guitar as well if I get brave enough. I've had to learn a new way to pick for this one and am not as confident as other songs I know.

Jules The Bling princess

I have a few that I play over and over - Guy Sebastian's "Like It Like That", everything on the Twilight album, Pink's "So What!", and "Clumsy" by Fergie.


Thanks for sharing. I have never heard of it and love it.

Jen Davis

I just keep on coming back here to listen to this (and to see your beautiful family of course!), seriously beautiful. Thank you for sharing this!



First Train Home by Imogen Heap. Can't stop listening to it... for the last month!


i am addicted to the "buddha lounge" cds, at bedtime...they are soothing without being dull or elevator-y! :)


Half an Acre by Hem (Album Rabbit songs) - just makes me happy : )
That and Mozarts Requiem: Lacrimosa if I'm having that kind of day

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