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November 25, 2009



I thought Friday was the new Monday. :)

Jules The Bling princess

My childhood? I think of packing, and more packing - we moved more times than I care to remember (my father was a truck driver). This goes hand in hand with thinking of new schools. How many times did I have to endure the "first day at a new school" routine? 20? Maybe more? On the upside, I got to travel and see a lot of Australia.

Amy B

Going for walks in the woods with my Grandfather. He told stories of his childhood on those walks. Thanks for bringing back a great memory!


You're tags are UN-REAL!!!!


oops, I meant 'your'... note to self, proof read before pressing send!


Yeah!!!!!! I'm almost up to where you guys are!!! I have ten to go!!! Next year...I'll start on time!!! Hee hee!!!! XO

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