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November 12, 2009



This might have been made for me! I have had terrible insomnia for years. My only solace lying in wonderful sleepytime tea, and others of that nature..and even then, it takes hours. I also dream like crazy and could always use something more inspirational :) Lovely giveaway...


this looks fabulous em ! My nights seem to be filled with all sorts of crazy wild dreams that leave me waking up feeling exhausted - some sweet, inspiring dreams would be very welcome !! xx


This sounds like an awesome deal! I would love to win this!
Have a great day!


I would so love this...good sleep would be a gift!!!


Could it be real? I've struggled with sleepless nights since I can remember, maybe even at four or five, waking with restless leg pains. After about 5 years of medication experiments, all with dr.'s approval, I've found more natural ways to heal. Almost, but not quite there. This could be the tipping point into a healing, restful night of sleep. No more hazey brain! I'm giggly thinking of how much more I could accomplish! Thanks for sharing this with your blog family! You're amazing!

Angie D in Ohio

Yipee.... a good night's sleep is what I'm seeking. Please enter me in this amazing drawing.

Thanks so much!

Angela Dasner

kelly mccaleb

i really need this.

Meaghan (bonafyde)

I for one, NEED, this! I often can't fall asleep til min. 2 am and to be honest it is beginning to take a toll on me. Despite trying to go to bed earlier I often find myself just lying there tossing, turning, thinking and thinking some more... it can be very frustrating & exhausting of course. ;)


Oh this would be brilliant - for both me and my insomniac three year old! Thank you for the giveaway x


Oh, I would love to win this giveaway! I really need some meditation and peace. I always suffer from sleeplessness during the dark time of the year - it's weird - it should be easier to sleep when the sun isn't shining all night long!


Please enter me...i could use more sleep. With a baby u just don't know how lovely sleep was before :)


sleep is good. wish I could get a full night's sleep... but baby must be fed! :)


this sounds fabulous just the thing for new mums like us :)


wow. the giveaway sounds really good for
me ;D since I usually am up in the wee
hours of the morning ^^


need this.. too sleep deprived to write more!

Kathryn Marks

This is perfect serendipity. I have just woken up after another restless night. It is way too late to be getting out of bed, lucky I don't have to go to work today.
I can only imagine whatit would feel like to wake up refreshed and ready to tackle my life head on. I often wonder why I can't sleep... I homeschool 2 children, am studying at Uni myself, run a home, like to do craft and scrapbooking... i should absolutely crash at night!!
Oops sorry this is turning into a Agony Aunt column entry....
Cheers Kathryn


oh my...i need this...how di they know?! ;)

Jenny B.

Sounds wonderful...better than a Tylenol PM pill!


Great for someone I know...


Wow this sounds fab - a good night's sleep would be great - off to bed now!

Sara @Soulspackle

Ooh yay I would love to win, so I can have divinely dreamy sleep! ;)

Michelle Shopped

i fall asleep -- it's staying asleep that is so hard...


I have adrenal fatigue - so this is just what I need! thank you so very much! (I do remember sleep)


This sounds great! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!


I would love this for my sister - she never gets a good nights sleep and I know she would appreciate it.

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