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November 12, 2009



This looks fantastic, I'm soooo tired but always struggle to drop off to sleep.


Sounds soothing!

candy robles

this would be so relaxing for me!
what a great givaway!


the green gal

A good night's sleep makes the difference between being able to take on the world and being ready to give up on the world! Would love help to sleep well and get out of bed feeling good each morning.


all this new mama wants for Xmas is a silent night...


I'd love some more sleep. Thanks for the chance to win!


You have no idea how badly I need something like this. Thanks for the opportunity. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


I love this ~ thanks so much for this opportunity ~ divine indeed ~ yum :)


ahhh sweet slumber, how I long for thee!


Oh how wonderful -this sleep deprived mama would love this!! :)

Pam M

I think most of us could sure do with this, thanks for the chance of a peaceful slumber e

Jules D

ooooh, sounds dreamy!


oh, I hope i'm not too late to enter! crazy dreams prevented me from waking up on time today ... so you can see, i really need this kit :)


Don't know whether I'm too late but I just need to enter. Raising two kids, renovating an art nouveau house, doing all the housework myself and making books with enervating deadlines makes me miss out on sleep far too often. This is a dream opportunity (forgive me for the pun - deadline stress makes me corny).


there's never enough sleep... what a pity!

Valeri Smith

I think this was made for me! A single momma never gets enough sleep, never gets to bed early enough, and is always worrying about her lil ones when laying in bed!! Thanks for the chance Emily!


I'd love some amazing dreams to point me in the right direction...guidance would be appreciated...


I loved the free demo she gave to her readers a little while ago.... so generous

Jamie Fisher

How fantastic! Will it also work for an 18 month old sweet boy...who thinks sleeping is for babies...not for him! I'm sure I'll laugh about it some day...when he has babes of his own who will not sleep! hee-hee!


Oooh would love this for my husband!


Oh having Menopause I DO NOT SLEEP and with two little girls it is even more difficult!
Being an older mum i would LOVe to win this fab prize!!
Thanks Em!

Kat Baker

What a beautiful Divine Dreaming Meditation Kit. Who wouldn't love to have it? Hope I win.

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