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November 18, 2009



That wall and those photos are beautiful! What a nice post, you're both lucky to have one another...and she's lucky to have a friend who can express so sweetly how much she's appreciated.

How wonderful to have great friends, or soul-friends as you called her (I love that description)!


:) lucky to have each other...


Happy for you sweet Em that you are had such a wonderful day with a dear friend!!!Hugs!!! Oh!! And You look AMAZING!!!!


Such a heart warming post! Love it all.


i ♥LOVE♥ that wall! holy moly, that's gorgeous, and HOW COOL to meet the artist! (for *him* as well, i suspect!)

as for this woman from the changing room, with the milk stains, etc...i assume she's BEHIND the beardy guy??! cause i definitely do not see anyone who could be thusly described IN the pics...i only see BEAUTIFUL moms... ♥


I liked this. Re-connecting with friends is one of life's most wonderful offerings. :)


her expression is priceless! (:
perhaps years down the road she will
ask about it and wonder herself XD

Lisa Cunningham

Looks like great fun! That wall is gorgeous and you look beautiful as always! Random question: I've seen some of your work where you printed photos on a fabric or canvas. Do you have a tutorial of that anywhere? I'd love to try it on a Christmas gift album I'm working on. Thanks!

tara pollard pakosta

what a gorgeous wall!
that is amazing! love the pix!


I never knew there were such delicious places to take pics in perth!


I love chels too - she's infectiously wonderful!


AWWWW! You're making me feel homesick...


ohhhh booooooo hoooooo, I miss you so much already. YOu made me cry!!! Love you xox

Toni Coward

FUN FUN FUN!!! Lucky both of you :)


You made me cry, too. Man this packing up and moving is an emotional rollercoaster.

Take care,


hey em - we were in freo on the weekend - checking out the markets - having some lunch - watching the buskers - always good for entertainment. had hubby and our two boys with me so didn't really get a chance to check out all the quirky shops - hopefully will get back there on my lonesome or with one of my chickies :)

Erin D.

Please explain the meaning of *chuffed*. I cannot decide whether that means something good or bad. (Although this Canadian has Aussie roots, her grandmother never uttered this word.)

LOVE that wall. Maybe someday I'll be able to visit it as well.

Gretchen Schock-Skovron

Love girlfriends like that. Wish I could hold some of mine in my pocket so they will always be with me.


your post always make me feel so much better :)

lisa v

How brilliant, what an achievement for him, to have such a lasting legacy of beauty and creativity. I hope they never paint over it.

Sue McGettigan

Yay! A day out in Freo is good for the soul - how wonderful that you met the artist next to the wall, imagine how happy he is that you and your friend 'got it'!

Angie Delarie

I love Freo!
Went there last weekend!


ooooh, what a beautiful wall, and so fun that you talked to the artist. love it. also love the next post with your little one and her bebe in her sling, so lovely.


had to look up the word chuffed:)
so glad you and Chelsea hooked up - fun!


Hey Em I know your post was a few days ago but I felt like you were talking my language when speaking about milk stains and fat rolls so had to post... I'm not sure if you remember but I wrote a comment a while back when you (and me) were pregnant and you posted about the anticipation/wonderment of motherhood - I now have a bubba girl (5 months old now) and it is sooo much better than anticipated (oh and much harder too ha ha). love checking out how you are going. Philippa

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