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December 05, 2009



"Please put the, Oscar, down!" This is what I hear myself say all the time. We got a new kitten, who just recovered, from an almost terminal illness. So, we've been trying to get him fully recovered. My young ones can't help but want to hug, kiss and love him.


no creative.nesss happening!!
i have been sitting at my island-overwhelmed with ideas that i can't put into play!!
so i sit in my studio.
and that's just it.
i sit!
it's madness!!

hoping to find the release some.day soon!


I have the exact same disease as you Em. I'm ALWAYS late for everything too. Don't worry there's lots of us 'laties' out there. You're definately not alone! If and when I ever find a cure I'll let you know.



Studying :(

Sherri P eh

My kids would say it's a MOM thing, cuz that's me, all the time. My kids know when they have to be, it's me always making them late!



Tanya W

this week im trying to get my mr 2 year old to go to sleep without me having to lye down with him so im having to put him back to bed over and over and over and over and over again some nights it goes on till 2am and then im like you and late for getting my daughter to school lol......


cute tag, Emily...
love the little turtle.

finally got my tree up today. later than I have ever been with that task.

after my first was born, i can remember forgetting my keys TWICE in one week and needing the super to let me in my apartment... (so embarrassing!!) from that day on, i have been a bit OCD regarding keys and checking for them and re-checking.

my first baby? she will be 35 next week! i know...it's a long time to be nuts about checking for keys.

just keepin' it real.



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