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December 13, 2009



the koala one cracks me up!!!! Im still with ya! Looking at your stuff! xox


I'm still here although way far behind. I WILL get them done though!!

Sherri P eh

I am SO the same way -- start strong and fizzle out! But I've completed through Q46, and I WILL get them done! I think December is always a tough time of year to 'finish' things!
So, what's up for next year Emily?!


ha em ...at least you started ....& you will finish as everyone's hanging out for the next question! I've enjoyed looking & would love to have done some but didn't even start !!
UFOs run in the family alas xxxx
These 2 look great BTW - love them both :)

Mistra Hoolahan

I'm still here, and like you - never finish anything, each year I've tried to play along and only this year have I been successful! I'm a few weeks behind but these will get done, then I get to decorate the case I've bought to hold them all!

Thanks Emily for the continual inspiration you give - not only with these prompts but in life in general. xo


HI em, still with this but just a couple behind, but I am very determined to finish.
Hope Ivy had a wonderful birthday and Happy Belated Anniversary.


I'm still here too. I'm only behind 2 questions, well now I'm behind 4. I was just thinking last night how this is coming to an end because you see, it is the one project this year that has really stimulated me so much in so many mediums. If it wasn't for the knowing that so many others were doing the same questions, I might not have kept going. I, too, have a bit of trouble seeing things through although there is an immense feeling of satisfaction when it does happen. I hope you are cooking up something similar for 2010.


these are pretty! I'm not participating this year but they're inspiring anyway!


Still here ...I've loved stopping by all year & creating little tags ~ Thank you Em. Hard to believe only 2 more questions to go ♥


I have really enjoyed it. It has helped me in so many ways. Got anything going for next year???

Terri Q

I have only just re-discovered (did a paint class with you a few years ago and LOVED it)your blog and your 52Q project. Any plans to do it for 2010?


I am still hanging in with you. I also hope that you do this again next year.


I'm still with you (only one left :) ) Thank you for the time you spent for us in your busy life!!cheers


I'm still with you, too!
Thanks for posting two so that I can get these done.
Two weeks left?!? We're almost there!!!

Lisa Hochman

Happy belated birthday to our favorite "other" Ivy! We've missed her. And all of you, too! And I commend you on your 52Q. I bought the supplies back in the beginning, and that's just because the spending is the easy part. I've not done a single creative thing since you've left. Please, PLEASE come back, move in next door. We'll be your go-to babysitters! :) We're looking forward to knowing the date of your return and the place of your temporary residence. xoxo


Those are so sweet Emily! And about the last inch in your water glass: I do the same thing and my husband's also puzzled by this (-=
Congrats on your beautiful Banjo and those two sweet girls!


I'm with you in spirit! I am keeping a list of all the prompts, but I can't even remember the last on I completed.


Darn, I came into 52Q too late. Maybe next time.


I fell way behind months ago. I hope you are planning to do this for 2010...I would love to try it again.


Hello, I'm still with you :) My last tags are here:

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