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December 18, 2009



I have a new recipe one from an online Australian friend this year and it is sooo easy
One is sooo easy and everyone loves it
Chocolate Bark
400gm dark choc
280 gm white choc
1/2 cup of peanut butter

Melt the white choc and stir in the peanut butter, melt the dark choc in sep. bowl
line lamington tin with baking paper, place a spoonful of white mix alternating with choc mix and then with a skewer, swirl the white and choc together then put into fridge
when set leave out of fridge for 10 mins or so then break or cut into pieces


I have never made rocky road but I might give it ago this year. Every xmas I make shortbread cut into xmas shapes and also strawberries dipped in chocolate. Another one I do is xmas puddings using mallowpuff biscuits dipped into white chocolate then 2 spearmint leaves and a jaff stuck on top, very easy to make and a great hit with the kids


I make pumpkin cheesecake with gingersnap crust every year for friends and colleagues. I use the large muffin pan so I do a personal serving size and then wrap it in colored plastic wrap with a curly ribbon. It's a hit every time, but is a lot of work. So I'll do a quadruple batch and call it good for the year. :)


It looks like you can find something to those raspberry lollies here at http://www.nutsonline.com/chocolatessweets/gummies/gummy-fruits/raspberries.html


That looks delish! It's a really versatile recipe too, because one can chuck in whatever one fancies. Thanks :-)


Thank you so much for sharing your recipe today. It gave me such a warm feeling...remembering that my mom used to make us Rocky Road Brownies all the time when we were little ( a longgg time ago). Of course that is when none of us had to watch our caloric intake.


Brandy Balls, I have to make them every year or my family would dissolve, I am pretty sure. They love them (I don't like them but because I love my family, I make them year after year).


Oh YUM! I LURVE rocky road. Those raspberries are a bit hard on the teeth though- I nearly pulled a filling out once eating those. I love the idea of using turkish delight- my all time FAV Aussie chocolate bar.


Yum, could so eat some of that now, lol. I use dried cranberries and it tastes yummy.

Heather H.

This looks and sounds divine! Every year I make cutout cookies for my father-in-law. My mother-in-law won't make them and they are his fave so I do it.


Have you tried white chocolate rocky road? Coconut, white marshmallows, macadamia nuts, white choc? Yumminess!


I LOVE Rocky Road!!!

SueB, Ont.Canada

Those are called swedish berries here in Canada. I'll have to make a trip to the store tomorrow (have to work today) to pick some up. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Happy Holidays.


Yum!! We just made some and are waiting impatiently for them to cool. We added Rice Krispies to ours. Can't wait!


Why, oh why can't chocolate and marshmallows be on an elimination diet?!


miss you my darling...
hoping you have a beautiful holiday...
love love love
kiss kiss


Those look absolutely divine!
K this comment is totally random.....but were you ever a Counselor at the camp "oakcrest"? You totally look like a counselor I had once.

Jo Marsh

I've been looking for a good Rocky Road recipe for a while and thanks to you I now have one. I made it yesterday and today there is only half left. Too yummy


yum yum yum... i did rocky road christmas trees for kindy teachers this year, but i used;
of course,chocolate
shredded coconut
small baking marshmallows
pistachio nuts (yummmmmmy)
cut up lolly snakes...
jammed them into baking paper cones, leave them to set into the fridge...
take out of paper, turn upside down, drizzle with white chocolate and add a 'jaffa' for a makeshift star!!!

they were a huge hit!!!
m xx

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