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January 22, 2010


Bina :)


nicole austin

this looks like a lot of fun! and, yes, the mother is the ultimate contortionist! :)


So fun. What a fabulous adventure! Haha, I remember the nursing acrobatics in the car!


WTG! What a fabulous experience.
Sue xx


We LOVE the circus! One of our favourite things we did last summer was taking our kids to watch a children's circus in VT. The kids LOVED it. I want to send them all away to circus camp this year. What a great experience for Ivy and MIck (so jealous Mick- I've always wanted to try the trapeze.) I think if I was give half the chance as a kid I would have run away and joined the circus!


wow! Looks like so much fun!!! those kiddos will always remember that!


Our kids attended a circus school in a home school class here in Adelaide for a couple of years. They all really enjoyed it - even the little ones who technically weren't involved. I always joked that our kids needed something to fall back on. They all still use the skills they learnt then. We have jugglers, unicycle riders, and stilt walkers. Your circus school looks extraordinary! Fantastic trapeze setup! Glad you all had fun!

Jackie @ Lilolu

This looks like so much fun!

Sherri P eh

What a fabulous way to spend a week!


wow! This is just so DANG cool! how fun that you could do this together as a family.


Wow. What an amazing week for all of you. Very, very cool.


WOW, I feel more So happy for you .... GREEEN with ENVY vibes coming on. This looks absolutely fab!


oh gosh, how fascinating!! the silks are my favorite as well! :)

Tonya Baiz

What a blast!!

Sara @Soulspackle

What an AWESOME world we live in! I just love that you're showing your kids that the world is FULL of possibilities.. and I wanna go to Circus School too! ;)


ohhh bliss... Ivy looks estatic! Darbs , Bethan and Hattie just went to the circus. Photos on my Mums blog nettienostalgia.blogspot.com... they loved the woman who had the silk too. Mick.... dunno how you did that! I would have been wetting myself!

Cage Free Family

"as for me, my circus skills extend to contorting my body into strange positions to breast-feed babies in their car seats while on long road trips. impressive, i know."

Hey, that totally takes ninja skills... that and sneaking out of the bed after they have nursed to sleep ;-)


what an amazing opportunity!! i think my kids would so love to attend a week of circus school.

Amy M

My kids would be in heaven!!

Lindsay R

hey, i never thought of the boobie-into-the-carseat trick as a special talent...we're super stars!


Wow what a fabulous memory for Ivy (and Mick) she looks so happy and love the silk ropes just gorgeous
I think one of my girls (ella ) would be right into the circus school
mmm wonder if there is one in Victoria?

Holly C.

Looks like a BLAST!

Denise Morrison

oh how I giggled when I read the last line in your post--although my babies are now 12 and 13, I remember those breast feeding car trips well! How wonderful for Ivy-I still secretly dream of running away to the circus!




Too funny... I remember all the weird positions I would get into when I nursed my babes. I think that is just part of the ritual all breastfeeding moms share... :)

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