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February 14, 2010


Holly C.

Oh that looks scrumptious!



Penny *seventhheavenmama*

oh so yummy!!!

Bina :-)

The pumpkin one my favorite aswell sista :-) X


Those desert pizza's are delicious, I think I have tried all the desert pizza,s. Poor Banjo, look at his face, he really wants a big bite.


I know exactly how Banjo feels! I want a bite too!

naomi cox

how good was that dessert.....


Oh no Denise I´m on a diet! jajajajaja Looks so great!

Sue McGettigan

That looks so delicious, I'm always looking for good veggie pizzas!! Thanks so much for posting this, my parents live in Kalamunda and Dad has to be gluten-free, I'm sending them a link for Little Caesars, they're going to love it :)

Cage Free Family

Oh my gaah! I love pizza. It is absolutely my all time favorite food. While we were traveling we had pizza in every state, and often several cities in each state. I don't know WHY I didn't post about it.

My very favorite was a cheese pizza at a place called Frank's in Appleton, WI. Totally classic, old-fashioned pizza parlor pizza.

These days I can't have gluten, dairy or tomatoes.... wah! :*(

Cassandra Edwards

Yummo totally love Little Caesar's pizza as well!!

lisa crofts

i have heard heaps about this place but i have never been there thanks to yours pics i think sat is pizza night. <3


first time posting to the blog, well second, but had to say that the one of the Tee-shirt with the pizza on it, actual pizza and "with babe eye'in" are the best...great capture...take care.


Oh the pizza shirt...how I have missed thee....


That looks very yummy!
The dessert looks so good that I put it as our desktop background! Now, everytime, I get on the computer, I will want to come to Austalia!


i agree that pizza does look mighty fine...but you should try the pizzas in Melbourne!

Kim Lennon

yummm... i love little caesers - but was so disappointed when they stopped home delivery!! :(


Yum! Here in southern US, we have two awesome pizza places-Mellow Mushroom and Venus Pie. Both are small (well, MM is a chain now, but locally owned) and are very hip and delish!


Yummmmm the way Banjo lookts at the pizza is the way I look at Banjo please gif me a yummy part of Banjo I'm fine with a part of his tigh ore a delight full elbow rinkel will nibble on it only eat veggie's : )


mmm love Mick's tee!!!
the look on Banjo's face is priceless!!


Not going to argue about the pizzas (never even found a truly decent place in Sydney while we lived there, and forget Hawaii for that), though will throw in that my homemade ones probably stand a pretty good chance against them, :p but I gotta know WHAT THE HECK IS THAT PILE OF HEAVENLY SUGAR INSANITY???

Ali Clifton

Hi Emily... I second your pizza preview for those of us that are gluten free these guys make several pizzas that are fabulous and taste like real food (something that a lot of purveyors of supposed gluten free food do not achieve)....Have to love a good pizza just need them to make a gluten free dessert one!!


A second 'little caesars' just opened up in leederville, I haven't tried them out yet but after reading your post they will be the next stop!

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