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March 19, 2010



Absolutely gorgeous!


i recently discovered this fabulous artist & fell in love. it just so happens that i am nutso for patchwork! now if you will tell me where you got those adorable brown shoes, our matchiness will be complete! ;)

wildish woman

Oh wow! I've been drooling over chopstix waits etsy shop for the past week. Thanks for the giveaway.


You are all fabulous in your bohemian fabulousness way.

I love it!

jo nguyen

I so love these little peaks into the world of artistic souls!


So beautiful! Love, love, love the patchwork!


oh wow....love it...please random thing let me win....




ooooooo....I love the pixie skirt!!!!!!! So wish I could be as crafty and cute as all of you! Hugs!!!!!!XO


Wow! I just perused her shop yesterday and added some things to my favorites. I would LOVE this awesome skirt!!

Thanks for the giveaway :)


I love it! It makes me want to sit out on the grass, have a picnic, and wile away the rest of the day with random crafting!:)


So beautiful and unique :) Love it.


Love your style, the picture of you and Yindi is priceless. Would be so happy to own that skirt.


so pretty and colorful! and i adore how mick is all linen'd out in the last photo. you two are so perfect together :)


I adore this!

dawny dee

i think it would be impossibel to have a bad day wearing a skirt like that. its just so cheerful and happy and awe inspiring. plus it looks so comfy.


Wow! Love all her stuff! Great giveaway!!!

Jennifer M.

That skirt is very cool. It would look awesome over a pair of jeans...


What a gorgeous give-away by such gorgeous people. Thank you both!


love it love it love it!!! i've gushed over these skirts in your past posts! thank you em and chopstix!

Erica J-W

That is gorgeous! The shape reminds me of a skirt I almost bought while in Scotland and didn't and I am still kicking myself to this day about that. That was 7 years ago!


Fun and funky! I love it!

freedom rainbow

i love chopstix!! she rocks my closet!!

Autumn Tao

Best giveaway I've ever seen. I'd love to own one and would cherish it dearly. Namaste.


I LOVE her clothes!!! Such an inspiration...

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