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May 30, 2010


Tamara Nicole

Ummmm yeah super cute items girl! Talented:-)


The fisherman pants ARE insanely cute! I love them.


Love the ipod cases!!! So sweet!!!


Great items and a super cute model!
Sue xx

jasmine bailey-barfuss

we just went shopping!!


I was browsing etsy a couple nights ago for cute children's clothing and stumbled upon the fisherman pants and low-and-behold they were from your shop! so cute!!


I am DYING over the pants- my wee lady is 16 months and built very similarly to Yindi so I know she'll look good in them. ;)
Methinks I'm ordering a pair- :)


Your little yindi is just too cute for words!!!
What a great little model!

You are so talented and creative :)


Oh man those pants are overload cuteness!!

Could you happen to tell me the inseam on them? I like the red ones, just to see if they would be swimmingly long on my shortie-cake.


WOW! Love it all! Well done Em, it's all so beautiful xo


The fisherman pants are so cute!!!

system hook

Wow! Hehehe your right Ryan.. Hmmm for me She is so cute..=)

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