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June 27, 2010



just learned of your nanna's passing...
i am very sorry for your loss. she sounded like a wonderful person. hold tight to all those great memories...


Hope your trip is safe!

I'll be 'keeping in touch' here, can't wait to hear about your adventures in the US.

Take care, it was most lovely to meet you Emily.


Emily Wierenga

beautiful photo. praying for peace. e.

Michelle Shopped

and remember to stock up on -- is it vegemite?


Good luck with the move and make sure to schedule a few days of downtime on the other side. We just went through a big move ourselves and some rest is certainly needed in the whole process.

judy in carefree

How wonderful to be able to spend more time with your dad and say a proper goodbye to your nanny!

happy owl erin

glad you got in some last minute snuggle time with the fam. so sorry about your loss. and welcome back to the states!...


You look beautiful. Banjo boy is so big! WEDNESDAY!


Enjoy your last minutes "at home" and travel safely!

Holly C.

Safe travels!!!


Godspeed Emily.

Sherri P eh

Glad you had this last week. Safe travels Emily!

nursing gowns

oh that's cool! i could see from the photo that you are really enjoyed that day! that's great! me and my dad use to hang out too when i was younger.

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