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June 30, 2010



I wish I was there to pick you up! Can't WAIT to see you. :)


oh those long plane trips are bad enough by onself, poor you ! Am glad you are safely there, those ice creams look delish; enjoy the Californian sun & all your lovely friends xxxx


We are so happy that you are here. Seriously so happy. I really missed you!! XOXOX


How wonderful! The new adventure begins.


Glad you made it safely but I am sure you will be missed in good old Western Australia.


Oh, so bitter-sweet for you. But you will have a wonderful life wherever you are and home is just that 24 hours away :)


Em, I'm sorry that i was slack in wishing you well and telling you i was gunning for you guys last week when so much happened. I'm really glad you all made it there alright. Your Aussie posts were full of familiarity for me, so reading about your move to LA sounds so adventurous! hehe. I hope you can make that milo and vegemite last a long time. Lots of love to you and yours xo

Chelsea Parsons

ohhh I miss you but feel excited for you Em. Mick's brown cord jacket hanging by the luggage... all your luggage!!! Love you guys xox


Can't imagine the plane flight, but am happy you have landed safe and sound! On to the next chapter of your life, and may it be full of good adventure! :)


Oh my, 24 hours. I've always wanted to visit Australia but I don't know if I could handle the flight. What's first on the agenda, after you get some sleep?


I had a bad cross country flight last year from San Diego to South Carolina. And that was with only 2 healthy kids and 3 bags! Get some good rest!!


And another chapter begins....thank goodness for blogging....we are the lucky ones that get to share that little part of your life no matter where you are :)
Rest up...


Happy to hear that everything went well (okay at least) and that you made it safely! I wish you all a smooth transition into your American life. (And as far as plane food goes, it's just awful no matter what kind you eat. :-)


Glad you arrived safely, we have the huge perth to Uk to do in Sept with 3 kids. Not looking forward to that bit. Look forward to hearing all your new stories.


Welcome home!! Can't wait to see you. (And I need to know more about the ice cream place. I can't believe we've missed it all our years in LA!)

Marion Mcintyre

I am pleased that your trip is now over and you can start settling back into LA life. I look forward to hearing about all your adventures. Bon chance!!


Flying with all the kids and stuff can be overwhelming. You need a big hot bathtub, a hug, good sleep, good food, a new good rhythm of life again...

Rachel Mackin

Glad you arrived there safe! Those ice cream sandwiches are a bargain, in the uk they would be about £4 roughly $6. It's a good job I don't live there, I'd be the size of a house! :)


Welcome back Em!!!

judy in carefree

Glad you made it safely!


glad you made it, em ~ sending you lots of love and patience for the next few weeks! <3

Holly C.

Oh-happy you made it over safely!


I take my hat off to you Emily. I dont know how you managed 3 children AND all that luggage. I hope you get to rest up soon.


Glad its over and Australia will miss you too!!

hanna mae

Giggling at your comment of 6 children between the two of you. We have 6 kids that all belong to us and we can't 'separate' them at night and send them to different homes as they all live under our roof. *lol*

Glad you made it over safely!

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