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June 07, 2010



oh em, it must be killing you to say goodbye again....we will miss you xx let me know if i can help in anyway and if we can catch up one last time before your departure?????


This was so dear. I'm so happy for you that you were able to have this time with your dad, regardless of how terrible the goodbyes feel.

judy in carefree

How wonderful that you were able to enjoy your dad while you've been home!


I love Merv, too!! Tell him he simply must come out to visit (11 in a 2-bed..NO PROBLEM : )

holly c.

Your dad looks quite nice sitting on his car. He sounds like a sweet guy!

Bina :)

I agree, ur dad is cool!


How wonderful...! So glad you take the time to cherish your time with him.He really is cool!

Sylvia Drown

How wonderful! So nicely said!


Sounds like you were blessed with a really wonderful Dad, and how wonderful that all of you were able to have this time together. I imagine many cherished memories have been created.


He sounds amazing! :)

Jenny L

Your dad sounds wonderful Emily!! As I was reading this, I started crying happy tears. I love my daddy so much. He is the best man I have ever known in my whole life. My daddy helped me so much when my twins were small and I will never forget that. Thank you for reminding me that Fathers are a major blessing in our lives. You are in my thoughts as you plan your next journey. I'm sorry that you have to leave. Take care, Jenny


I agree with you Em,your dad IS amazing, very cool indeed...

jasmine bailey-barfuss



What a beautifulpost about a wonderful and very COOL Dad! I'm sure he feels the same way about you all too.

Rebecca Vavic

SO LOVE THIS... the imagery of your Dad in the cubby house looking frazzled is what got me going.


oh Em i lost my dad when I was 10 and I have fond memories of him he left me too soon
here is hoping your next part of your life's journey is wonderous as I am sure it will be
Just let me know when you need your fix of Aussie choccies Em and I will send
them over!



Renee Alam

I love this story about your dad....so sweet!

Kendra B

Awww sweet story! Sorry you're going to have to say goodbye.


um, first, sweet photo. second - i loved loved loved milly molly many. and third - what an absolute sweet heart!! x

Nicky from Canada

Dad's are the best - your dad is an amazing man
Lost mine 15 years ago in my early 30's and he still continues to inspire me


your Dad sounds wonderful - seems like you've all been blessed to have this time together. He sounds like a top guy, and he clearly has a wonderful daughter. I love my Dad more than I could possibly say - they're just the best aren't they ?

ira lee

how awesome to have a dad like that. i hope to be such a joy to my kids when they are older. and i hope they look back and appreciate the things i did for them- just as you have done with this lovely post. you DO have the greatest family!!!

 Still Lily

i loved this post...i was so close with my dad and miss him now 5 years. enjoy, love and tell him all the time how much you think he's the best, it now makes my heart full to know i always did so!


Heart clenching, tears in my eyes. You are so lucky to have him. What a great, great photo. This should be hung up in your home somewhere.

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