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June 18, 2010



Thank you for this post Emily - you made me think about how grateful I am for my siblings too x


What a great post! I especially love the fact you put up photos that weren't "great" quality because they mean so much to you.
And: your bro is Sam Hill!?!Oh he has made it all right! He is amazing to watch ripping down the hills!

Sherri P eh

Love love love everything about this. I know that place in my heart too. XO

hanna mae

<3 I can't begin to tell you how much I just love this post!


Oh, I'm the oldest of three little brothers too! 20 yrs between me and the youngest, so I really loved carrying him around and practicing to be mamma. Little brothers are the BEST! It is strange to have a brother only 3 yrs older than my son.

Christina C

Love this post!


How wonderful for you - to all be together like that.
I only had the one brother but we didn't really get on until we'd both grown up and had families of our own. Didn't have a sister either.
Sue xx
p.s. love the labels "cranky" and "crankier"!


A beautiful post, how fantastic to have you all together, you have such a great way of reminding us to appreciate all the paper that are in our life!


Such an incredibly sweet post Em.


Thank you for sharing your family with us Em! What a lucky girl to have three wonderful brothers. Have a beautiful day!


SO Sweet- you are really making me tear up on all these posts- you are so saying goodbye to family again...


YAY! and three brothers <3


Oh Em, is there anything better than being with family especially ones you haven't seen in a while....I moved back after living away for 13 years and it is the best. Love your photos...you can feel the love...

tara pollard pakosta

these pictures are PRICLESS!!!! I love them soooooo much!!!!! Brothers are the BEST! I have 5 big brothers, but I lucked out and got a big sister too! (I am the baby), but even though I got a sister, I wouldn't trade my brothers for anything!!!
yours are all so cute! I am just tickled about these pix and the things you wrote, so sweet em!


Great post... I always wanted a brother... just had one older sister...
BTW... I think you look like Sam!


Emily I can't believe your bros. are so old!!!!!!! Toby 21 no way and Ollie 28, where have the years all gone? Loved your description of each of them, your Ma & Pa must be so very proud of you all. LOL


What a beautiful moment captures Emily...Family is so so important

That Crazy Family

Such a lovely post!!


Sam Hill? As in "What in the SAM HILL are you doing BOY!"???? Yeah, I know I bet he has heard that one a few million times! ;)

What a delightfully heartwarming post... thanks so much for sharing your wisdom chick.


I cried when I read your last line. Last week we found out that our fourth and final baby is a boy. My eldest is a girl and we were fervently hoping for a sister for her. After we told her the ultrasound news I asked her if we were going to make it in a house full of boys, just her and me. In a sad little voice, she said, "No." It just about undid me. We love boys and I know this little fellow will be cherished. However, I think I always wanted my daughter to have a sister like I did. She adores her two younger brothers and this blog post gave me hope that she will adore the next one too. She might even try to fix his hair as well :)

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