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June 21, 2010



I love the contrast of young and old life in these photos of your precious nanny and two children as infants. So sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing.
Peace to you and yours,


I'm so sorry for your loss ♥


it is so difficult to say good bye to someone. I am glad you got the chance to, holding someone and being there for them in their last days of life is one of those life experiences that you never know if you said or did the right thing. I am glad you were able to be there.

Heather Topich

I am so sorry for your loss, Em, and am praying for your family.


So sorry for the loss you are all feeling at this time. What a blessing to still be in Australia for the gathering of loved ones. Such a comfort for your dad. Soul hugs for your entire family.
Much Peace~

Julie Kirk

I'm sorry for your loss Emily. Your words were very moving and having spoken at a funeral too, I know it can bring comfort as you feel like you 'did' something at a time when you feel mostly helpless. Take much care.

Julie x

Jules The Bling Princess

Oh Em, I am so sorry for your loss, but so glad you were still here to say goodbye. Please pass my condolences on to your family. Thank-you for sharing your photos, stories, and memories. Nanna's are very special people - and they are always greatly missed. Hold on to those wonderful memories. Big hugs, Jules.


Emily I remember your Nanny. I have met her in the past. I know celebrating her life and sharing it with those that you love, will be a very special time.
Safe travels


Blessings to you and your precious family. I wish you all peace, Kaz


Sending love your way at this sad time.


My thoughts and prayers go out to you and yours.

Sherry Fagin

so sorry for you loss..i am very close to my own nanny...they are special, wise women.

Diana Dellos

hugs to you!

Jamie V

Wishing you peace, and love and beautiful happy memories. xo

Autumn Tao

You and your family are in my thoughts. Sorry for your loss.

terry g.

so sorry for your loss, wishing you peace and hope.

Jennifer M.

I am so sorry for your loss.


She is beautiful. I am so sorry for your loss. It is a blessing that you are still there and able to be a support. Your family is in our prayers as you live through this beautiful but hard loss.

Vicki A

I'm so sorry for your loss! I read your blog every day and this hit close to home. My thoughts are with your family.

Liz eaton

So sorry to hear. I know losing anyone is so so hard. My thoughts are with you. Love you.

holly c.

I'm so sorry for your loss but so glad you got to spend time with your beloved nanny.


My sympathies to you and your family. "Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened" Be happy that you had special moments with your beloved Nanny!


I'm so sorry for your loss - she sounds like a magical nanny - and those pictures are priceless.


Sending you and your family all my love - I'm so sorry for your loss but am glad you can be there to support your Dad at this time - cherish those beautiful memories.

Sarah Crawford

I am so sorry for your loss. Losing someone is never, ever easy.
My heart is with you and your family.

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