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June 08, 2010



Love those crazy red lips. Sending good vibes to you and your family the Universe knows where you should me and that place is where you are at this moment. There is never a completed journey in life and change is good it makes you grow more.
Big hugs to you all.


Oops should have said should be not should me. Silly me.


Hahaha! Like a gorgeous version of Batman's Joker! :)


haha very noice and cute!!

hanna mae

So sweet! <3


LOL....Yindi is SO cute!


I love seeing photos of your children being ..well..children! My two are teenagers now and I really miss the little things that children do and the love they inspire. Oh, teenagers inspire love too - sometimes - on a good day - if I ignore the things that wind me up - and concentrate on them as sweet souls! Just you wait!


oh yum! oh and the drink looks yummy too. What a crazy and exciting time for you guys, I just got caught up on the blog and your current happenings!
So, where are you applying. I do still imagine you moving in right down the street from me some day and we'll be best friends... so do tell me if utah is on the horizon. whatever it be good luck to you and you are in our prayers.
and so sad to be leaving family so make the most of the next few days before you head out, if you head out... or whatever. :)

Bina :)

Cute Yindi! LOVE YOU!

Holly C.

She's the cutest!

Michelle Shopped

i get the biggest kick outta that kid! all 3 are so different -- ivy's got a sweet,mellow vibe, yindi is living out loud already (yay!) -- can't wait to see how banjo evolves! can i be your mother's helper sometime?


A very Jokeresque grin!

gilding lilies

Beet Juice? I love beet with a bit of carrot, mmmmm.

sue p

my goodness! YOU are a trooper!
3 babes ( i know what that is like...wait till Banjo becomes a REAL BOY! )watch out for entertainment!
crossing my fingers for a good move.
Sue P


we can't wait to see that beauty Yindi! what's the date of your Encinitas arrival?
must be soon! looking forward to a happy reunion. xo


Okay, the 1973 picture was pretty cool, but a grandpa that makes juice that looks that decadent? Now THAT'S a cool dude! :)


So adorable!

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