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July 26, 2010


in the hush of the moon

soooooooo cute!!


have you ever read "Blueberries for Sal"

i can't see blueberries without thinking about that sweet book....your kids would surely love it.
banjo is a little Sal or the bear? :)

Tracey Hespe

So gorgeous! What a wonderful life experience you and your children are having - I have always wanted to live O.S. with my family and have that experience, we are travelling to the USA and Canada at the end of the year and will be having Christmas in New York - it sounds like your Christmas might be a white one also. I love reading about your adventures.


Ah so cute, your life sounds bliss nice and simple enjoy while you can.


Banjo is adorable! Enjoy the cuddles and snuggles.
Sue xx


ooohhh I adore the last pic of Banjo

Renee Alam

I only have one word to describe your post-CUTE! :)


i agree em - he is as delicious & juicy as those berries...want to kiss & smooch those chubby cheeks - he is adorable xxxxxx

Holly C.

That little boy of yours is so beautiful!

Angie D in Ohio

The last picture of Banjo is priceless!! What a sense of adventure and exploration he seems to be experiencing. If we all could be just in the moment... what a fantastic world this would be.

Thanks for sharing your adventures in New England. I live in Ohio and this year's heat and humidity is really making me want to move to a less humid environment.


Yes yes! You must get 'Blueberries for Sal' if you haven't already. That caftan is the coolest!


precious little chubbly boy!! and fresh picked blueberries are the best!!!!!!


bless ~ what a wee darling.

Sherri P eh

Priceless Emily! Your boy and the kaftan!!


Oh the cuteness, he is so gorgeous! Isn't it wonderful having a boy?


Not quite sure you can still use the word "little" for describing Banjo... adorable, cute, sweet, precious, funny, cuddly, but little? I think he stopped qualifying for little around the 10 day mark.


I love your blog, you are inspirational

Melissa Grogan

You have to get Blueberries for Sal at the library. The girls would *love* it ... and Banjo could play one of the characters perfectly. He is such a love!


he is juicy & delicious, i can't even stand it... B*E*A*U*T*F*U*L pictures! especially love the one of him stuffing them in his mouth!...precious.

enjoy your stay in new england~however long it may be!

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