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July 27, 2010



beautiful pics again em - looks like that lamb is smiling right back at yindi; what a wonderful summer the kids are having! xxxx


what a cute farm you found, looks like lots of fun! We used to have a duck just like the one in the first pic. Im having a giveaway at my blog if youd like to enter


Great fun. Nice to see everyone enjoying themselves...even the animals.

stacey fike

it's not so much i'm wondering why the signal is available only on the toilet but how you figured that out in the first place, lol!


Oh I just knew you would love it! I miss it- how 'bout we move and be neighbors?



blogging from the toliet is the best! :)


looks like some great old fashion summer fun. :-)

Emily Wingate

That pic of Banjo with the sheep is so sweet! Glad you guys are settling in and finding great places to go:)

holly c.

Thanks for sharing your adventure. I'm glad you are able to blog now too!


Looks like everyone is assimilating nicely and finding new fun! Can't wait to see more pics!


Lol! The things we do to find wireless signals! Nice to read you!


so glad you found a signal, even if it's in a bizarre place!

such cute pictures and kiddies and animals!


Looks like the littles are having an amazingly fun summer enjoying the simple pleasures life has to offer. They will remember these times when they get older and will look back at these pictures and say, "oh, I remember that - oh gosh, that was so much fun!" That's a valuable investment you're making!

Libbi M.

i find the bathroom is the only place in our house where i can find peace and quiet. maybe i should move my computer in there now.

Childhood Magic

This is my first visit to your blog and I love it. Beautiful pictures!!!!


OOOH the pic of Banjo is gorgeous!!
hugs em


What a fun afternoon for you all. Cute children and cute animlas.
Sue xx


I saw miniature breed cows the size of dogs the other day on a New Zealand farmstay website. It freaked my bean a bit!

Your darling pics remind me of the cute "Big Barn Farm" eps on CBeeBees (Lord knows how you spell that!).


so glad you have a faint signal! paul was wondering how you found out about that in the first place... can't wait to see you...


Where in the world are you in New England?
It is soooooooo gorgeous there!!!

Terri Nicholas

Oh my...the pix are all so fab! my all time favorite are the sheep looking at Banjo and Banjo looking at the sheep! They appear equally intrigued with each other! LOL


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