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October 28, 2010



I love soup! Thank you for those wonderful recipes.


I've never cooked lentils... a crime, I know.. thanks for the recipes.. sounds like the perfect dinner for our cold weather in Utah!


great post! i love that little yindi has her own pot and ladle... i have two little girls over here that would love that!

Rachel Mackin

mmmm! Delicious! Thanks for sharing your lovely recipes. Yindi looks very sweet with the mini ladle. :)

Heather A.

I love spicy blackbean soup!
Black beans
diced tomatoes and chilis (or Rotel or whatever is on sale!)
Carrots and celery chopped
Chicken or vegetable stock or salt and spices
Cook! :) It's really cheap and really good!

Funky Mommy

Yay for soup! Thanks for this post...my winter goal is to cook more soups!!!

Noel Holly

To me, soup is comfort food. I remember my grandmother's Minestrone and how this was the soup that I would have seconds and thirds of.Glad that your family is enjoying these soups- I bet that one day they will comment on the yumminess of them in a special way!


I just started cooking lentil soup a few weeks ago, and there were just too many steps involved with the recipe I got online...I'm going to try yours. Butternut squash soup is another favorite of mine.
Yindi is just so cute.

holly c.

Sounds yummy. Now I want some soup!


oooh I am making soup for dinner tonight!

Sara R.

Sounds really good right now! Then again, there's some seriously yummy stuff in the crock pot right now...the smells are making my hungry! ;) Putting your rainbow soup in my list for this weekend.

katie squires

I think you might appreciate this :)

when I was little I had this thing with soup, when I would eat it, I would daydream about living in the woods in a little cabin with a big old pot on a stove full of soup. I sit at the kitchen table and savour my soup daydreaming about my adventures in the forest.

Weird eh??? I just remembered that :) LOL

tara pollard pakosta

Yindi has to be funny cause she's the middle child, she has to be heard ya know?! LOL!!! love that spunk in her!

I just made chicken tortilla soup that I found on Meg Durkensens' blog, it was YUMMY!!! I love making soup also and have plenty of recipes that I have made uP! Mine all start with onion/garlic in olive oil also!


So funny, Emily. We've been having soup every day for the last week or so also! Reason being for us is it's cheap! I usually have trouble getting my kids to eat much of anything, so I am going to try your recipes as well. (minus the vegemite, I'm afraid, LOL!) :)


Mmm, soup :)

laurie b

soup is such a yummy fall food! thanks for the recipes. i love that they are all vegetarian. i will be making some soon.


yay for soup. it is one of my favourites as well. couldn't help but notice the kangas in the window behind yindi. love that! X

katie squires

darn you...I just ate 2 big bowls of pea soup because you had me craving it and I just happened to have some. Quite the evening snack :)

Karen Greenfield

Do you all eat eggs?? One of our fave cheapo suppers is poached eggs and cornbread....usually with an apples or something fruity for dessert. We also love potato soup which starts lke your but has only potatoes and sometime corn in it Drain the potatoes and do like you were making mashed but thin out with milk and add parsley and cheese. That's been known to save lives at our house!! Karen

Sara @ Happy Janssens

Ooooh now you're talkin' my language. I finally had to switch it up tonight because it's been soup soup soup here too. Did you see my latest Happy Foody post? I think you would love the soups I posted there.



as a rule I don't like soup. But these sound yummy! Now that winter has snuck its way in it could be time to try them...


Oh my god your kids eat soup?? You are the luckiest woman alive. My hubby and I eat soup alot. But the boys both don't. It is a something I could never get them to eat even when they were itty bitty and I would drain out all the liquid. *sigh* Looks lovely. :)


mmmm..... i love soup!! and vegemite is the best stock ever!!


That looks so yummie Em, thanks for sharing , even my teenagers complain every day about eating vegatables ..which made cooking not nice to do so pretty sure i'll try some of your soups !....Much love from Holland, although i don't give a comment so often i look at your blog everyday :) Xxx


Your soups sound delicious. It's such a great way to get a whole lot of veggies into fussy little mouths :) I had to laugh at your addition of vegemite. It reminded me of my dad making a stew when I was about 8yrs old - he added vegemite to it. I've done the same thing a few times - it adds so much yummy flavour. So thanks for the reminder - I'll be adding it to my next soup or stew!
Jasmine :)

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