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November 23, 2010



oh em! this is fan-tas-tic! really cool, so happy for you :) teenagers are great aren't they? such a fascinating stage of our lives...

Erika Martin

I just got back last week from my annual 3-day altered books course at a high school in the southern part of VT. This was my 6th year there and it's so much fun to see some of the same students year after year. I get to work with all 4 grades (9-12) and I love seeing them tap into creative parts of themselves that some of them don't even realize they have. It brings so much of the wonder back for me and opens up a whole new world for them.

We seriously need to plan an art date and do altered books and painting and such. That would be a blast!

By the way, I was nervous that first year, too, but so delightfully surprised at how welcoming the teens were and excited to have me there.

lisa warner

wow, very inspiring...really must do this.


Amazing work! Teaching those kids must have been awesome!


Lol :-) Yes, working with teens is quite amusing.

As a 29-yr-old high school teacher myself, the age thing is a no win issue. When it's your birthday, half the class will say: Oh, you look a lot younger than you are (read the subtext). The other half will say: Oh, you're still young!

Either way - never a dull moment with teens!


love those spotty dotty creations...yindi's concentration is so precious, what a great mum you are xxxx


Hey Em,

You and your girls might enjoy looking at these sites:

The exhibition was awesome with some great interactives for the kids but alas you are too far away.

The National Gallery now has a whole wing dedicated to Indigenous Art. It is awesome. Sadly, you will have to settle for the website




Great project.
So, I am hold too ;*)
Dots are my favorite object of creation.

J'adore ton travail Emily. Tu es toujours une grande source d'inspiration. Merci.


I've always loved your collages...I hope you'll consider teaching a collage/painting/mandala class online or in person.

Holly C.

Emily-This is so AWESOME!!!


Your post made my day. Great stuff!!! and I really like that painting too. Note to self: take family to museum of Aboriginal Art in Utrecht (The Netherlands, of all places!!!)


wow - emily, this looks great!!! i want to do some too!!! miss you...


Sounds like you had a great experience. I taught high school for four year and while there were days I wanted to cry and pull my hair out - I miss those teenagers madly.
Once these babes (I have 3 boys) I'll be heading back to the classroom for sure.


Wow, this looks great. I wish I could have been there, too! :)




WOW, those teenagers don't know how lucky they were.... Hopefully some seeds were sown! x

Sue McG

This is most fabulous - love that you shared some other cultures, some artiness, and some Vegemite too - surely exposure like this for more kiddos would fix most of the world's problems? Yes, I think it would :)

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