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November 08, 2010



Hi There,
I have never done an online class before but have always wanted to learn some felting. So I am looking forward to learning from you guys in the comfort of my own "Perth "home.

Erika Martin

Looks like so much fun!!! I love working with felt! I've been stitching my little heart out lately getting things ready for the craft fair coming up here.

Heather I

Sounds absolutely awesome!!! You are amazingly talented - nice you're sharing that with the world!! PS the graphic/drawing charachter of you is awesome!


This is perfect for me right now! Yay!!! Thanks for offering an awesome and affordable class! You ROCK!


FUN! And I have been wanting to learn how to felt too! I have to wait until pay day, but signing up then! ;)


Oh wow, I would love to sign up for this. I will need to speak with the other half, LOL! :) I was lucky enough to win one of Nicole's Mother and Baby felt figurines so I know know her work is amazing and your style is so inspiring as well, Emily!

Rhonna Farrer

woohoo! you are the QUEENs of felting...& I'm soo excited to see the SPARK! WTG, Em! I missed learning at Spark & want to oh-so badly!!!!

kelly X

This looks soooo cool!!!! I've always wanted to learn how to felt. Can't wait!



in the hush of the moon

what a cool idea!


that's so awesome em! have fun!!


Oh, yummy, yummy!! I'm so tempted by this class, especially with such lovely teachers! I'll see if I can swing it, it is bound to be fantastic! xo


You blog is the sweetest one ever!

 Still Lily

I just signed up and can't wait! Have wanted to try my hand at felting for a long time and this is just what I needed! My pre holiday treat to self;) Thank you for this space Emily.


What a brilliant workshop! I'm pining to take it so I can use up the entire SHELF of roving I have collected over the years, but don't know if I'll have time...me think on it! LOVE how you put it all together, Em!


I have signed up. I've done a bit of felting before but looking forward to learning more :)


Is there any need for tricky knitting to do the class? my daughter and I can only do basic stich and just rectangles and squares.

Sherri P eh

What a fabulous idea! My excuse for taking it could be that I would make a Christmas gift or two. I get the feeling I'd have a tough time parting with anything I make, if it turns out even half as beautiful as what you and Nicole have created! XO


well i have never ever felted before but love felted things, they make me go all goooey and girlie so what the heck I'm going to give it a go. Is there a wooden spoon for the biggest disaster??

Judy in Carefree

Signed up and paid! Now I can't wait to get the link to the supply list so I will have all my supplies.


i'm hoping to sign up for this soon. i have a few questions. if we don't order nicoles kit, how many colors of wool roving do you recommend for the projects we will be doing? will the instructions be printable for future reference?

thanks emily:)


heather - i'd say at least 3 colours. you'll be making a neckwarmer/scarfette, some beads for a necklace, an ipod cosy and a flower for a headband or brooch. so whatever you love! and yes, you can print off the intstructions for later :)


Okay... after a few days of debating, I'm all registered! (Not that I need another project, but I'll worry about that later.) And I even found some locally sourced roving. So excited to get started. :)


I booked my spot AND bought one of the kits - SOOOOOOOO excited now !!!!!!

Larissa Heskett

OMG!! Thanks to Rhonna for sharing you with us!! So excited and would LOVE to take this class!! Thanks for the chance to learn!! Have a GREAT DAY!! =)

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