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December 01, 2010


holly c.

I love what you did. Very lovely!

tania willis

i loooooooove how beautifully you made something from nothing. i'm so inspired to call my dad and beg to cut off some bottom branches from his pine trees to make a wreath of my own. :)


so natural and beautiful. you guys really know how to spread the christmas love. enjoy the season!


Hi! I found my way to your blog through Sara at Walk Slowly and I'm really enjoying it. It was fun to see your tapered candle holders as my 11 yo son just made some very similar for our Thanksgiving table. Your home looks cozy indeed and effectively Christmasfied. :)


lovely decor! :) earthy & home-y!


it looks BEAUTIFUL Em, you should be very proud of what you have achieved from nature's own bounty - who needs stores ? - just an artistic eye and creative minds and hands - Ivy is totally following in the tradition and I am so proud of her too and Yindi with her adorable little candle snuffer - just love it. Now you just need Mick to go out in the woods and catch something for Christmas dinner and you will be in the best company of pioneers :) xxxxx
ps love the little Aussie tree too !


Lovely! It really feels like your style. Your wreath is just beautiful. I love the mix of greeneries and berries.


Gorgeous....love the red garland :)


Happy Christmas! :) Hope that this special season in your new home is a happy one!:)


Your new home looks gorgeous and so Christmassy. I love the four advent candles and Ivy's table decoration and Yindi's candle snuffer and I just love reading your blog. Thanks Emily x


It's lovely. I really like the grey felted hearts in the pot plant!




I think it's the most beautiful decorating that I have seen, natural, earthy, warming and beautiful. Like always, so inspirational - I think what you have beats some store bought matchy matchy hands down, and it looks like such a warm, comforting little haven that you have created for your family there (and I bet it smells divine).

Both my babies are ill at the moment so we are having a week at home with no going out at all. Yesterday (1.12) we christmas-fied our nature table, although it needs some greenery when we are up to getting out and about, brought out the christmas candle, music, scented oil and books and carols cd and although we've still got more decorating to do, it really made such a cosy atmosphere and cheered us all no end. We feel far from the Christmas madness and rushing, and I love it that way - it's kind of put the whole thing into perspective and made me realise how unnecessary all the other preparations and stress is - we're going to be following your example with natural simple decorations - which are special to us, and created by us and focus on our family and being together and celebrating our love this Christmas. with love Jules

Leah Bean

I'm with the rest in saying it looks fantastic. I'm about to move out into my own apartment for the first time in years and will be broke. So, I love seeing the ideas you have for making simple - cheap - but beautiful and homey decorations. Keep on sharing them girl!


You have such a gift for seeing and creating beauty in everything. It is inspiring.


i love it all. we have an attic full of xmas decorations, but this year i'm so into the earthy simple things, too. it just feels better--less clutter and like simple elegance. i love what you did.


Your home and decorations are quite lovely! You have captured the true meaning of Christmas - not tied up in fancy ribbons and too expensive, fragile, don't touch decorations – family, God’s bounty, and love and more importantly Love as in John 3:16-17: "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him." The true meaning of Christmas is the celebration of this incredible act of love. Each and every day, even on your bad days (we all have them, don’t we?) you show that love to your children and husband, your family, your friends, and to all of us who follow your blog and are inspired!

Funnelcloud Rachel

Love the Australia tree! Adorable!

Jill scripps

i love it! i want to try and make a wreath too...i'm a bit nervous! but yours looks amazing em!


i love all the little touches and cozyness of it. we have a small space too and it's inspiring to see what you've done. =)

Shayna Proctor

Oh I love your style. I'm going to need some help with my apartment. I love the felt hearts.


it's perfection.

Cage Free Family

Hehe, "Pot Plant" means something very different around these parts...

Beautiful decorations though ;-)

We haven't managed to get our tree yet, but hopefully next week!

Stacy (Mama-Om)

Wow -- you could Christmas our house anytime. :) It's all so lovely!!


those are the best decorations I've seen in a long time, Em. Looks good, FEELS good!!!!

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