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December 02, 2010



Holy GORGEOUS batman! Seriously.

Funky Mommy

What a great idea! I would love to do that next year. Maybe I will organize something on my blog. Did you ever finish up those skirts you were working on? I would still love one/


The crafty pack is my fav. And the little mouse is so cute
What lucky little ones

Erika Martin

Oh my! How absolutely adorable! I just want to play with each of them, even at 33 years old. What a wonderful idea!


You are so damn clever :) I only wish I was as talented and crafty as you. I would love to participate in something like that but there is nothing I can do craft wise. My girls would adore them all. One day I might be clever enough to learn how to be crafty :) Handmade gifts are the best!


these things are simply beautiful emily x


Absolutely gorgeous Em... I am seriously loving the felted play scenes with those adorable toadstools... what a wonderful idea...

Jenny x


They are all so gorgeous but I LOVE that crafty pack! My girls would love that too.

Holly C.

Wonderful stocking stuffers! What a fabulous idea. :)


what wonderful ideas all of them, how lucky and delighted those little ones will be on christmas morn,

laurie b

this is a fabulous idea!!! how clever. i love the toys you have made and will be receiving.

Jill scripps

wow! i love that idea!!

all of the gifts look amazing!


What amazing gifts. The felted playmat is extra seriously amazing!


What a wonderful idea, and the toys are so beautiful!! Real treasures! :) I hope you all are doing great! I love to see pictures of the small ones, still remember their cute, cute faces from when we were in Italy! Have some nice photos from then, and I look at them sometimes remembering a great time! :)

Sherri P eh

A wonderful idea and the gifts are amazing! They'll be cherished, no doubt. XO

Michelle Chapin

your babes are so blessed to have such a crafty mama! Does Ivy knit alot?? My girls are very small.. but I would love to know how to get them on the right track to knitting by themselves at a young age! Have a lovely weekend!


What a brilliant idea! I did a "mini swap" 2 years in a row which was just for kids, and it was so exciting to open that pack and find the treasures that people had made. I also loved making things for other people...lets you do something a bit different. And that ball of wool for Ivy- I want one!!! It will really be a special Christmas


All so beautiful and made with lots of love who wouldnt be happy with these gifts.

Sherry Fagin

I wish I had 1/4 of your creativity and talent. Such beautiful things. Thanks for sharing. I love the knitting surprise ball :)

jen smith

just an idea...when my husband was little he and his siblings all got knitted ice skates from their grandma. every year after the tree was decorated they would throw them on the tree to see who could get them the highest thus determining the "who can throw their skates the highest on the tree" winner for that year :O) i do believe that skates made out of felt would be adorable...and maybe give you a new tradition.

Cage Free Family

WOW. That is so very, very cool.
I am so *not* crafty in that way.

Oh, how I wish I were though...


gawwwsh so amazing.
I've been going through your felt-a-liscious class this morning - AMAZING!!! So cute!!!


what a fabulous idea!!!! and getting those packages in the mail? could anything be more fun?
ps-your playmat is awesome


That is the coolest idea ever! And what crafty women you are. I am so inspired. I need to find a group of mom's to do that with!

Jenna P

What a cool idea! Your craftiness amazes me, and I love seeing the crafts of all the others that you share on your blog!

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