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January 01, 2011



love that photo em & your list is inspiring ...
gotta get that hula hoop action happening baby ... haha !!


Happy New Year to you too Em !! hope it will be a vey creative year for you full with love and sweet people aound you ! , still enjoy reading your blog remember we made the cards every week ;), never been away from your blog since then !, thanks for sharing your life...much love from Dani Xxx


Yes! (To the hovercraft etc.) I am older than you and so I think I expect even more! I remember being in school in the 70's where we talked about all the leisure time we would have in the future because of our labour saving devices. We talked about 20 hour weeks! Lol! Everyone seems to work more not less in the 21st century!

Loving your list. It is inspiring. Gonna write a list of my own I think.


happy new year!


I don't know about the pill-form-food but I'm going to take my robotic dog out in my hoovercraft this afternoon to see if I can find a store that sells them! ;-)
Happy 2011!


happy new year sweet Em!!! Our girl from Perth arrives next Saturday!!! Getting her room ready!!! Should be a fun

year!! I love and adore teens!
This will age me!!! When I was in high school in the seventies...gulp..I read 1984!! I WAS so freaked out!!! And now its 2011! Crazy!!! Hugs and love!


happy new year from a new reader :) hope that 2011 is wonderful for you.


happy new year from France !


Best wishes to you and your family for the new year. XxX


this list sounds like it could be my own...especially the "speak in a calm manner at all times" part. i am struggling so much to demonstrate peace and patience to my own not-so-peaceful-patient munchkins! it's so hard with these 3 sometimes tugging at me from all directions...i know you understand. anyway, your blog makes me feel good like no other. now no more of that silly talk of stopping it, ok? infrequent posts are just fine by me, just don't disappear. hugs to you in 2011!


Happy New Year to you and yours Emily. Thank you as always for your lovely and inspirational blog.


have a creative and blesed 2011


I think once we get into 2020 that will blow my mind...if I still have one as I'll be so OLD. Happy New year to you, may you be guided by all your positive thoughts.


Great things for 2011!
get the book buddhism for mothers, it is great.I wrote a post about it on my blog you will have to go look at. I also hope to cry less. One thng I hate about myself.
Its interesting that one of your things is to say "yes". I would like to know on what ways. As most peopel I see to many to scared to say "no " to people and that is one thing I have tought my daughter not to be afraid to say to someone.


happy new year to you and your family, em. i hope all your 2011 wishes come true xx


i just had this conversation with my husband a few days ago - i thought the future was going to be like watching "the jetsons" - i totally want a robot maid called rosie!
happy new year to you and yours em! i wish you much health, joy and contentment!

Sherri P eh

Happy New Year Emily!! XO


That's a good list.
I do miss seeing your art journaling. It always inspired me.
Happy new year!


we discussed this much yesterday regaling our children how we discussed in elementary school the idea of flying cars and what not in the 21st century. we then enjoyed a Back to the Future marathon and came to the conclusion that yes, the hovercrafts are coming...in 2014! That is if the Mayan calendar isn't correct and the world doesn't end in 2012.
your photo and your words were simply gorgeous and just what I needed as our year got off to a sad start today.
thank you.


Definitely with the flying cars - especially if watching that progam "Beyond 2000" back in the early 90s was to be believed!

Happy 2 thousand and elevensies!


Happy New Year to you!! Hope it is a great one and that all your plans and dreams come to fruition (especially the calm voice!! = one I could definitely add to my intentions!) In peace and love x


Happy New Year to you!!! Love your list!

Michelle Shopped

hula hoop dance is on my list too -- thx for the reminder and for an embers future e-course i hope you'll teach us how to make your cool tee skirts -- http://www.etsy.com/transaction/16576813 -- happy 2011!


Love your list for 2011 :) :)
Happy New Year!


happy new year.. loved catching up on your life by reading your blog for a bit tonite. I have been away from the internet for a bit and am gradually wading back in. xoxo tena

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