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January 23, 2011



Dairy Milk with Crunchie :) I've had Dairy Milk and I've had a crunchie, but not together. I want one :)


I love this post. Isn't amazing how some truths that our MILs or our own Mothers said, that we swore would never happen in our own lives, come back and bite us! I hope you had a very enjoyable afternoon with your fabric and chocolate bar. And I am sure that both your Mom and your MIL will understand completely!

Jenna P

<3 enjoy it!

i melt into a pool of bliss when i have popcorn & a stack of beads & wire


Add a couple of balls of wool to that and I would be joining you in heaven!
Dairy Milk with crunchie?
My Man has just informed Me that yes he has seen it and I can't b elieve he's never bought Me home any :o(


ohhh, what are you making with that lovely pile of fabric?


I just love that blissed out feeling too Em... alone, creating and chocolate... it doesn't get much better :)))

Jenny x


Enjoy every last minute and mouthful.

Holly C.

Oh yes-heavenly!

Kim Owens

Oh so true!! My kids are with their dad this weekend and while I love them dearly I in artful heaven :-)


Love it : ) Wish you were here to go to the fabric district!!

Shayna Proctor

We need to hang out more. I like the same things. And I love that fabric.

katie squires

hehehehe :) I am was just crafting with a big glass of choclate milk :) bliss

request...I was trying to plan the family menu for next week and have no inspiration...I have always loved your posts on food...your soups, the bread, etc.

So how about an upcoming post on what you cook for your sweet family :) Family favorites?

Please help this Momma out :)

PS. YOU ROCK!!! :)

 Still Lily

i was JUST thinking today how delightful and simply productive (a girl can hope) my day would be without the contant diversions (that btw I do truly love) but can keep me from finishing one small project at a time! glad you got some of your own time Em, you deserve it, now munch that chocolate and get busy girl!


love your hefalumps! And I did enjoy some tim tams today...Had a great day Sat-I'll send you some of Kit's paparazzi pics!


I love it!!


Haha - that is so true! My idea of heaven is fabric or wool and chocolate or a hot cup of tea/coffee. \

Love your site - just found it and so glad I did!!!

Sherri P eh

Intriguing chocolate bar Emily! Crunchies are a childhood fave I've never outgrown (just brought some back from Canada this Christmas) but they don't make 'em like that where I come from. Yummy!! XO


Your post hit the mark in so many ways. For the last couple of weeks, I've been craving alone time and have felt guilty about wanting some alone time. All alone in the house was the one thing I craved and feeling totally guilty. I thought I was being so selfish for wanting to escape to the sounds of just my iPod and the rustle of fabric, paper, paint, brushes, the soft hum of the sewing machine, and a little something special thrown in to the mix - a bowl of popcorn. And, now to hear someone else feels the same way validates that inner voice yearning for some calm and peace and some plain old 'making me happy' time. Thanks for helping me understand that it's okay!


That fabric is DIVINE.

Mary Mitchell

This statement is so true. I love having the house to myself during the day. I get so much done domestically and creatively.
When I was in my 20's I could hardly stand any time alone...it some how made me feel like a wall flower loser. Amazing how times change as we mature !!!


HA! Totally my idea of heaven too, give me that bar of chocolate, and throw in a good movie and a decor magazine, and I'm swooning. Oh that time alone is precious these days! Your fabrics are gorgeous, can't wait to see what you are making with them!


That would be my idea of heaven right about now too. Along with some sleep. Armageddon like dreams are not conducive to good sleep!

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