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January 10, 2011



So wise Em to say 'yes' to your children in this context - the time really does go quickly and its the most precious time of your life, having beautiful little children to love and nurture (IMHO !!) I love the quote "The best thing to spend on your children is time".
Love the pics of Yindi and Banjo baking :)
BTW- I turned on my computer to look for a bread recipe, haven't made any for yonks, and there was your post & recipe. Amazing !! Am off to try it right now xxxxx

liz eaton

I think dax would love to make this recipe, I think I will try this with him too.
thanks for sharing.

Shayna Proctor

I will say, "yes." I love that. I need to remember that more. And I need to make bread more. This sounds so delicious. Text me when you make bread next and I'll come on over.


Saying "yes" might just be the most challenging part of being a mommy - especially to little creative mess makers. Thanks for the friendly reminder to do more of it!


good for you for saying "yes"!


Yum Em! I think that I need to get over there and tuck in! Yindi looks like she's loving it! Banjo too.


Oh yes
On my list too
Love seeing banjo in that sweet sweater
Sending love beautiful friend


mr banjo, eating stuff is the best fun! mum's homemade clay was a bit icky, but your bread looks yummy. hope you're staying warm! with love, riley


Yes, yes, yes. I am so with you on this 'yes' idea. There are so many moments when I find myself saying no because its'- too late,too early, too hot, too cold, too messy, too tiring, too much or too little. But, there's so many, many reasons to say 'yes'. The freedom to say 'yes' for our children and for us, what sense of liberty.

Thanks for this Emily,

From Susanna, from the pink Dartmoor Cottage.

sandy toe

very cute.


i can SO relate to this post...
i feel like i say . no . maybe . later . wait... it is a fleeting time and Y*E*S should be said more often!
thanks for the reminder...
other things can wait, cuz "it" will be there forever but our children won't :( ...


Hi I only know you and your kids from blog world and of course you know nothing about me, but still I want to say how much Yindi has grown in the past year! All of them have grown up a lot of course, but the photos from the previous post are really showing the difference, she is so so so cute :) I only have one daughter and I totally agree on the yes thing and the toughness, so hard to imagine with three kids. We always say "masallah" when we talk about the loved ones, so I wouldn't feel comfortable without saying so! Also in the link is to keep the bad eye away :) http://www.resimle.net/resim14385.html
also used a lot for loved ones. Regards, ebru

Mary Mitchell

I allowed my kids into the kitchen all the time when they were growing up. My mantra was, "I will not raise helpless kids....especially sons" I didn't want my boys to be seeking out wives just for the purpose of eating. Well have I gotten an eye opener. They've yet to bring home any girl that has a clue what to do in the kitchen.....mostly because their Mom's didn't do any cooking. That was quite a shock to me.....and I did work part time when my kids were growing up.
Your baking sessions are a wonderful shared moment with your kids.

Kathleen Sunderland

Hi, I don't usually take the time to comment, but I just want to say thank you for these sweet, sweet photos of such a fun experience. I just had surgery and they really made me smile! My daughter is a teenager now and I wish I had "said yes" more often. What good words they are! Thank you for sharing your times with us. . . the good, the fun, the hard, the sad. . . . we all really appreciate you! I am sad that your family can't be closer to you right now. I am sure they miss you as much as you miss them. It is nice that you do a blog like this to let them be connected to your day-to-day stuff too. Thanks again, Emily! With a hug, Kathleen in Northern California


you are creating such wonderful memories for/with your children. And the Yindi rolls look delicious.


Best times when I was little was baking with my mom. I've picked it back up and love to make bread. Seeing I was home today thanks to snow and ice I made a loaf to go with our stew. Nothing better than hot out of the oven bread.


These are some seriously gorgeous photos. Whenever I see your kids I want to reach in to the computer and give them a snuggle. Lovely!

jen xo

i got what you meant. I used to try and say yes too but obviously not enough cos my daughter used to say to me 'say yes mum, say yes !'
thanks for bringing back the memories and what wonderful memories you are creating for your kidlets...


You are so right to say yes Em. It's so,so easy to say "no or later or when we have more time..". Not only are you making precious memories for your children but you get to spend time with them. They grow up sooooo quickly and that time is gone.
I can't believe how Yindi is growing up so fast - she looks so different in your last post (about the back pack). I love her rolls - what a creative girl!
Sue xx


Same, why do I find it to say yes so easily to the demands of others but not to the most important people in my life. Make 2011 a family yes year!


Thank you for the encouragement to say 'yes'! Making bread with the little ones is a great idea. They sure love anything and everything messy. :)

Yindi and Banjo are such cuties!



And yes to saying yes!! After all that's what the good memories are made of.

Have you tried adding raisins to the bread - the children love decorating with them - pretty patterns or monsters with eyes etc, and they make the bread taste even yummier (if the raisins don't get picked out and eaten first, which is what often happens here!)

katie squires

here here! I have been trying my best to do the same of late...to say yes..to play with them..to not let this magic pass me by :)

Thank-you for the recipe I look forward to trying that out.


i knew exactly what you meant when i read your original post and nodded...i have to remind myself regularly to remember to say yes! i've never made bread with my kidlets...although we do plenty of other cooking...will have to make some rolls for our lunch together soon :) tatum xx


Your kids are adorable and so lucky to have such a patient mommy!! My three year old loves to make choco chip cookies, loves to break the eggs, he's pretty good at it...mostly loves to eat the dough!

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