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January 17, 2011


jill s

$10 jillrscripps@msn.com


This situation is truly unfortunate. Good thing people around the world are teaming up to help.

$50. dieguez.josefina@gmail.com


Well, the person above out-bidded me when I thought I would bid $50, so I'll up it to $60 and even if I don't "win", that will mean more $$$ for the relief fund. Bless you for your own generosity. kimmermcc@yahoo.ca


I love this! So looking forward to you and Nicole teaching a Nuno felting course here. I'm in for $75 :) kaparker89@gmail.com


Thank you for doing this...I'm in for $100.

Veronica Power

I'll bid $150
I'm a Queenslander, I've donated, I'm helping with community recovery, but happy to do more - besides being enthralled with the idea of your craftiwork!



Sigh..here too..after having our little Perth girl for only a week..I see how Austrailians are such a special group!! I am greiving with you Em! My new Perth daughter and I talked about the floods all the way to school this am!!! I think I will always take a Perth girl..she is the best Foreign Exchange student we have ever had!! I'll try to donate a bit..but our budget has been stretched very tight getting ready for our two international students!!

Oh! And on the same topic...when our kids were small..we always had short term..usually two weeks..from Korea.Japan and Russia!! Our kids always loved it and cried when they left!!



My heart goes out to the people of Australia. xoxo Put me down for $160.

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