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January 24, 2011



Em, I am so sorry to hear about all of this. The descriptions of loss sound unbearable. I am glad your family is safe but those who are in danger are in our prayers. I did make a donation, it seems like so little but I suppose every small bit counts.
Thank you.

Lee L

HI Em, what an awesome idea for a raffle! I have donated $40 to the appeal, can you please include me for those ticket? I'll happily email you a copy of my donation receipt if you need it.
Lee L.


I made one $5 donation. Let me know if you'd like a copy of the email receipt! I hope my donation joins many, many others and brings some relief...


Hey, well I've already donated to the Premiers fund through 92.9 (can you hook up to aussie radio over there). It's been a very surreal week here in Australia, disbelief and confusion but such proud hearts when we see all our aussie battlers banding together to help.


You have such a beautiful heart! Made a $20 donation to the fund (and receipt has arrived!) please count me in!

camille yanair

Made a $20 donation, wish this poor teacher could afford more! My heart hurts for Australia :(


It is wonderful to see so many people contributing. Here is my recipt no. 3216027


Hi!! I donated!!!! My contact info is mimymosma @hotmail.com!! Love to you and your beautiful fam!!!


I made a $25 donation (sorry I can't do more). I really hope that things get better quickly there.


I donated $20. I hope the relief effort gets what they need for a swift recovery!

Bec Clarke

Oh that sounds wonderful,
I have donated $15 does that get me 3 entries??
Thank you for joining in to help.
Rec# 3213001
Even if I don't win I will have to check out the classes.


Count me in! Thanks for this great giveaway and all for a great cause!
Ooops... nearly forgot! My receipt number...


I've just donated $10, wish it could be a lot more. Receipt no. 3227485.


Hi Em - I've donated $100 to the Premier's Appeal (Receipt No 3163822). Aussies are a tough bunch who pull together in times of need - we'll get through this I'm sure. Thanks for playing your part. Take care.


Em, I donated $5 to the fund. I wish I could do more!! My receipt# is 3229176.

Thanks for combining a fun giveaway with a serious tragedy that needs our help!


Dear Em, I just donated $5 to the fund, receipt nÂș 3229292. I also wish it could be much much more. It's so sad and tragic. Praying for your country, one that has personally given me many friends over the years. Love and prayers!

jo marks

Hi Em, I donated $50 to the fund, my receipt number is: 3231683. Thanks for your efforts in supporting the fundraising xxxx


$15 3232061 wish it could be more...my outsourcing and forced retirement makes for creative financial planning :-) However my prayers are on-going! Blessings


I have an idea....could you sell some of your old prints and the profits could go for disaster relief????


The coverage here was aweful to watch, and workig for Centrelink means that we are taking the calls and adminstrating all the the government distaster payments, with staff working 7 days, its pretty hectic. Here is my receipt number 3234240. Blessings Kaz


what a great idea! Must be so hard to be so far away from home when something like this happens. I live in Nashville and we had our own flood disaster last May so I can on some small level relate.
My receipt # if needed is 3234342

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