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January 13, 2011


Shayna Proctor

Wasn't it magical?


Yay snow days rock!!!!


looks like a dream! sounds like you had all the good stuff right there in your sweet little home. beautiful!


Sounds like a completely lovely day! My girls would LOVE snow days... :)


yeah! im excited for you. I live here in Colorado and we had our first snow a few days ago and I was starting to think we would not get any this year. I want more though! When my brother moved to Nebraskahe told me that when it snows there the sun wont come out for days and he misses the sun that here in colorado the sun is usually here the same day or the very next. I want to have snow days, where the sun wont come our for a couple days. I do love the sun though.


hey em isnt the weather weird as I am reading your post about this wonderful experience (which I am sure your kids are gonna remember for along time), parts of WA are in bushfire lockdown while the east coast are buckling under water. Qld has had major flooding and now its heading south and Melbourne are expecting major flooding as well.......Even snow can cause major upheavels too...its so amazing the beauty and destruction of the weather.....I wish I could be at your house with you guys sounds like a magical time at the Falconbridge house. Keep warm and stay safe

 Still Lily

how exciting! what fun to be had inside and out...here in the hills not far from the sea, it is cold (for cali)but sunny and as wonderful as it is, i wish we had some of that snow to frolick and awe over.


That must be exciting for your family!!! I absolutely love The Little House on the Prairie...


Yay! I love the snow. I'm sitting here in the cold, damp Northwest and am envious of all the magical white snow you get to look at and play in!!


Now that's the way to do precipitation! Here is Aus it's all floods! (Everywhere except WA & NT!)Even the road from Adelaide to Melbourne is cut! Sounds like a lovely day!


What a beautiful photo...so hard to imagine what it is really like. Enjoy the indoors time together.

laurie b

oh, i'm jealous! what a great excuse to stay inside and relax.

Melissa Grogan

Ohhh... it looks beautiful. I'm missing our snow already, we've had a 'heat wave' of 40 degrees, so all of the snow from the weekend is leaving! I hope your family & Micks are no where near the flooding in Australia!


Can't beat snowy pictures and snowy fun. I miss it and so wish my kids could experience it. Keep warm and enjoy.


Yay! I am so craving a few days where we are on "lock down" and forced to spend a "Little House" day. But alas, all we have in my corner of WA state is rain and it doesn't slow us down too much since it's the norm. Have fun!


Oh wow, I love snow days so much!

Erika Martin

We didn't have school either....the kids were so excited. The drifts in front of the school were 12 feet high!!! They couldn't even get the doors open!

We really should plan a weekend for you all to come up so the guys can hit the slopes!

Sherri P eh

Snow days are awesome! We had one on the 12th too, which is Gaby's 10th birthday, so we celebrated all day with our girl! Love the snow! XO


Oh that first picture is amazing Em! I was hoping for a snow day a few days ago here when we got 10 inches, but no, school was still on. I was so longing to snuggle up for the day like you describe here! I think that a Little House listen is just the thing for us this winter too! xo

Freda herrera

How beautiful! As much as I love southern California, I'd love to wake up to snow!

camille yanair

i featured a cartoon of you on my blog! (pls don't be offended, i cant draw! :)

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