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January 20, 2011



the girls look like they are having a 'little house' day themselves, very sweet ! LOVE those curls of Banjo's xxxxx


I want a snow day at your house to play
I want a snow day just tomhave a snow day
Come on Colorado snow!


That's what it looks like out here in Missouri too! Unfortunately, I don't get snow days. Boo. But I do enjoy how eerily quiet it gets in this weather. Enjoy these cozy days!

Renee Alam

I've always loved when my kids had snow days...it was precious time for us to reconnect and spend time with each other.Now we homeschool so it's like everyday is a snow day. ;) I especially love the picture of the 2 sisters sitting together crafting...I can see them growing up to be best friends as they are older...so sweet! :) I love your photos that you share with us,it makes me always remember how precious my family is to me. :)



yep, we've got our second for this week too. Thiinking of driving up to VT a bit earlier today...if you want to make some arrangements to come by, you'll have to call me.... I love the girls hoops- you are so good with encouraging them! Ella made me a little Christmas decoration on one at school this year- it was a secret pressie and I couldn't believe she'd done it all by herself! They had to design them too. Make sure you rug up this weekend- it's going to be a cold one! I'm going to bring up a skien of my hand spun and dyed wool for Ivy, just for when you manage to visit...

Shayna Proctor

I love the picture of Ivy running through the snow. Great pictures altogether.


Wonderful!!! Oh! Where do you get your vegemite in the States? Our Perth girl was looking on line and the shipping for a 14 oz jar is the same as the price!!! Ouch!!

Can't wait to try it tho!

Hugs!...Can't wait for your Got Paint class too!!!!!

Erika Martin

Wow, you definitely got more than we did if you had two snow days off. We didn't even have one day off this week! The kids were disappointed.

Mary Mitchell

I'm 50 years old and my Aunt taught me to embroider when I was age 10. I made an embroidered pot holder for my Mom. How cool that your children are being exposed to this lost skill.


And me heart is melting seeing these sweet beautiful photos of your family Xxx..have a wonderful weekend


Super cute pics!!!


Look at Banjo's curls! I miss those chubby little hands!


What a sweet day inside, all rugged up. And those curls on Banjo - woo! Love them. He's got a curly twin over here in Qld.


We are looking at a huge storm next week in CT. My husband thinks we might have two snow days because of it. School is going to end in July at this rate -- I would rather them be in school now. Although I so enjoy snow days and being able to sleep in and stay in your PJs all day.


How much fun!!!

Desiree Fawn

Uh oh... you just reminded me that my bike has been in the snow in our yard all season... both bikes... oh lordy. Springtime is going to be fixing bike time!

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