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January 27, 2011



We celebrated too!!!! With even tho I am a veg...we ate BBQed sausages...tho we couldnt find real aussie sausages...Shivi,our Perth girl made those anzac biscuits!! So yummy! We listened to Aussie music..sounds like drinkin songs to me!! Haha!!Had an aussie flag for a table cloth...aussie balloons and ended with a Cranium game of Who Knew?!!! I think she had fun sharing her Austrailia with us and her Autrian sister!!!

Many hugs!!

And I am SO serious about a peek into you closet and whole house in fact!! AND i have signed up for your online Big Picture class!!! Can you say Groupie?????? Ha! xxoo


Oh!! And now I have a very beautiful aussie flag in my hallway ..BUT we are having the hardest time trying to track down vegemite...both the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara (CA) world market stores ususally carry them..but they are OUT! Its expensive to order online!! What do you do? XO!

judy in carefree

Just bought a tiny jar of Vegemite here in AZ, but have been too timid to taste it...I never got the chance when we were in Australia.

Hope you had a wonderful Australia Day...we watched the fireworks while watching Australian Open tennis on TV.


you can keep the cheesymite scrolls but YUM i love anzac biscuits which are very popular here in new zealand too.

kirsty wiseman

in the UK we have Marmite which is near-as-dam-it vegemite. Those swirly lirly thingies look flipping lush..........hugs to you all xx


that is so sweet with Ivy baking Aussie treats and the girls putting all their Aussie animals out .....and those cheesymite scrolls look delish ! xxxx


What a beautiful celebration Em... we love our cheesymite scrolls too :))) and yummy anzacs... just too delicious Ivy :)))

Jenny x


What a wonderful celebration! Australia Day was particularly special this year for us since we live in Queensland, and have been living through the floods.

Loved the apron! Wish I had one.


Still not sold on the idea of cheesymite scrolls... Anzacs are awesome- I caught some flack from my lot because I didn't bake any this year- I'll have to save it for Anzac day. Although I like to jazz mine up with some lemon rind and juice...mmmm. And good to see Ivy's been making use of Ella's box of goodies...

Moon to moon

Oh my goodness, those vegemite rolls are an excellent idea, of course I would use Marmite - by far the superior product, he he :)

Looks like you had a great day
Big Love

Shayna Proctor

Ah yes, you know how to party. Happy Australia day!


How does the vegemite tastes ???

I am curious....

I am from Argentina and we donĀ“t have australian products down here...

Love your blog

Holly C.

I would love to visit Australia one day. I want to taste Vegemite too, but I've heard all Americans hate it!

Did you guys make those little wood pulls for your cupboards?-They're so cute!

Sherri P eh

Looks like you had a lovely Australia Day!! (we opted for meat pies here!) XO


I was an exchange student in Brisbane- I swear it was everone's personal quest to make me LOVE vegemite. I have tried it on everything and never felt the love...but hmmm those cheesy rolls might do the trick!
Since I live in a ski town (Fernie BC Canada) filled with Aussies I just have to pop down to the grocery store and get it. They keep it stocked for homesick ski bums. The question is : am I feeling brave? It definitley is an aquired taste!!


Oh, this is so sweet. And those cheesymite scrolls look like they just might be the right way to get an American girl into the Vegemite--call them a gateway drug, yes? ;-) Happy Australia Day (a little late).

Sue McG

Oh so scrumptious!! I totally cheated and just had a vegemite sandwich with cheese and tomato, milo chaser, tim tam dessert, oh, and Australian wine :) Lazy Australian girl here . . .

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