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January 28, 2011


Erika Martin

Oh, this came out so cute!!!

This makes me think that you and I should play with our sewing machines and felt when you come up. :)


i LOVE it emily.
just wanted to say hi.
your christmas card (email) was lovely.
i came across the beautiful little tiny book you and the thailand girls wrote in and gave to me. i found it in my studio last night. made me think about you....
i wish i could repelnish my spirit...find a way to be full again. all the way happy.
anyway...was just thinking about you and wanted you to know it.


Just wanted to say that quilt is absolutely gorgeous! What sewing machine do you have or do you recommend one? Thanks a bunch!


Wowzer talented lady...nicely done!

I LOVE the buzz I get from my Lindt Excellent 70%...sometimes I eat a block for brekkie with some raw pecans when I want to zoom happily through a short morning.


Cadbury's is the best!

Holly C.

Very pretty, Emily!

Sherri P eh

Gorgeous quilt Emily!!


ah emily, your mother is sooo proud of your quilting prowess...perhaps one day when she is very old & spent, you can make her a psychedelic knee rug ??? Liz's baby looks very cosy on your quilt !


Cadbury is the best ... not being biased or anything given my hubby works there! LOL ;)


LOVE IT!! I need me some alone time!


Very beautiful proof of the power of Cadbury's...


liz eaton

I love it!! seriously, every time i look at it it makes me smile!! cant wait to start working on my own!!
just getting my plan together now!

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