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January 19, 2011



wow, ivy, that is such a beautiful scarf! what even knitting! and great design with pattern and colours changing...
(oh, and of course the trakky daks are cool too emily) ;)


Make more and sell them!
The blue ones are my fav.


How cool! love those trackies Em! Might be a stupid question but could you use regular crafting felt for those adorable patches? The doilies are such a beautiful touch I love it all!!!ps well done Ivy for such a great job knitting :) clever girl!


Wow that girlie of yours can knit! What age did she start knitting at? My baby girl is 2 1/2 and i can't wait til she is old enough to knit with me :)


I love that Ivy knitted that herself! My darling daughter is turning six very soon and I have some knitting needles and yarn (as well as some wool tops for felting beads!) for her for her birthday.


Love what you do with the tracky dacks. Wish I could do something to all the (cheap walmart) boy pairs that my boys seem to live in. Like attach suspenders maybe. They are all into the super cool teenage "sag"- that tracky dacks hanging below the bum look whish drives me crazy if I let it, but that I am coming to learn to ignore for my own sanity's sake!


Those tracky bottoms (as we say in the UK, well I do)are seriously cool!!!! And the scarf.... WoW!! Well done Ivy!!!


yay! yay for ace daks and ace sisters!


Hey Em
OMG Yindi HAS grown hasn't she ..she looks so grown up now quite a lot taller and independent!! i can't get over it!!
i am in awe of your creative spirit and honestly those pants look AWESOME you really are the innovator and queen of making the daggy into envied ultra hip grooves XX

Holly C.

Great job on the trakky daks!

Oh that Yindy just steals my heart. I feel like I know her, cause I've seen her grow up on here. And yes-I've noticed she's looking mighty 'older' lately.

Ivy what a wonderful gift for your lil' sis!


Renee Alam

Wow,great job on those sweat pants! No they are totally cool! I wish I would have been that clever when my girls were younger b/c we used to also find those same type of sweat pants at target for the same price but didn't think they could ever look cool. :) Looks like Yindi sure is proud of that scarf...I would be,too b/c it's absolutely amazing!!! I wish I was crafty with my girls when they were little so they would know how to do all those cool things.Your kids are lucky to have such a talented mom who they will always admire & tell their children about all the great things you made them. :) I can see you also being the coolest grandma with all the handmade goodies....I know I'm making you too old,too fast,sorry! :)



what a great idea! love the pants :)
i am just learning to knit myself...ivy is way ahead of me!!


ah way cool - in South Africa - track suite bottoms - i love your creativity - and the tie dye top - Ivy what a good knitter you are - and knowing just what your sister needs - you're a great sistah! and Yindi - stop growing..... we loved you since Tara took photos of you in the baby garden - not so very long ago !!!!


Love what you can do with next to nothing. Yindi is really growing up - she's beautiful.


I need you to come fix some of my boring dresses now. K? K.

judy in carefree

What a beauty Yindi is turning into and she certainly looks more grown-up!


Hey Em. I am so sorry to hear about this! I had no idea. I've been living in such a bubble. I read this shortly after you posted it. Today in one of my courses, we studied this song (a bit silly, no?)...anyway, I thought of you and thought it could help brighten your spirits a little bit in light of the sad events!



yindi is so darn cute!!! i love her new pants and may have to make some like that for my niece. thanks for the great idea and pictures.


what a clever crafty mama you are, and clearly ivy is taking after you in that respect. so sweet that she made a scarf for her sister and that it was so well received!

that little yindi, what a yummy creature. i've noticed in recent photos of her that she's suddenly grown and matured. she loves the camera, doesn't she??


Yindi is gorgeous (as are her tracky bottoms - yep, I'm in the UK).
And well done Ivy - cool scarf.
Sue xx


WOW - Yindi has shot up! So so cute. Ivy's knitting is fabulous- go Ivy!


Excellent job on the sweatpants conversions (there's a politically incorrect word for sweatpants? who knew?). And oh. my. God. Reading about Ivy's little secret knitting project--and seeing how happy that scarf is making Yindi--just about killed me. That is the sweetest possible story.

Erika Martin

What a great idea for the sweatpants (never heard of trakky daks before). :) Girly has a pair that she refuses to wear because they're just not cool. Now I know how to spice them up. Thanks!!


Great pants conversion! I wish we didn't call them sweatpants here. I try to call them fleece pants, but then everyone thinks I'm talking about something from a camping store. My littlest one has a pair so I call them her "pink warm pants" just to avoid saying SWEATPANTS. Who wants to sweat in their pants?

Autumn Tao

I adore those designs. I'm saving this post in my kid file for the future little ones. Also, I have made three of your patchwork headbands and they are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and thanks for being you!


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