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January 24, 2011



Looks gorgeous! Am headed to SLC next week from Canberra and can't wait to see the snow!


It looks incredible ...I can't imagine how cold it really was. How magical

Erika Martin

I had to laugh at your glowing gloves!

We really need to set a weekend date for you all to come up here! David can give you all snowmobile rides. He hooks up the sled to the back of it and it's a wild ride!!!

Also, I'm jealous at how fast your hair grows! I know we started our dreads around the same time, but your growth is CRAZY! My hair grows SO slow!


Oh Miss Em!!!! How cute are you! I think you could sell online classes "How to dress as cute as Emily!" I would be the first in line!!!! Where do you get those cute clothes! Could you blog on your closet and style?!!!!..Seriously...I KNOW I am not the only one out there who wants to be just like you!!!


I just posted about our snowy romps today too! The snow is fun, especially with kids, they make it much more fun seriously. Where is your skirt from? Its really cute. xo

laurie b

i'm sure your kids are loving the winter weather and activities! i used to love being out in the snow but now i am a bit of a wimp.

Shayna Proctor

Oh snow is more fun with you and your family in it.



Sherri P eh

Love to see you enjoying and embracing the snow! XO


Now I am longing for a milo!


Looks like so much fun!! I miss snow! And that skirt is sooo adorable!! Did you make it, did you buy it? I must have one!


Oh my, look at you guys ;)

Please tell, what's a milo?


I couldn't help but smile when I saw the first two pictures on your blog together. A beach in summer and a forest in winter, what a great contrast! :-) Enjoy the snow!


Found you again! And delighted I am. It shouldn't happen again, as I have finally worked out google reader.

Milo! Oh, you did make me smile with your mention of that.

Tara Bradford gifted me one of your camera straps back in 2009, and I just mentioned it in a blog post so had to come searching for what you were up to these days :-)

Anyway, the camera strap ... it's still the best camera strap I've ever owned - my canon eos 5d mkII are in love with it.

Enjoy the snow!


em... have you ever thought of collecting all the pics of your 'feet standing where you are' moments and putting them in their own album? it would tell such a story...


We just moved AWAY from the snow. The kids really miss all of it. I just miss the pretty white snow from your photos. Way to embrace the now - it takes a while to adjust moving state-to-state in the US, I can't imagine how difficult it is to move from your beloved country.

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