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February 01, 2011


Andria B

Beautiful sweater!!! What stone(s) is Banjo's necklace? It's beautiful too!

DeVonne LaDue

So Cute! You amaze me everytime!

judy in carefree

Too cute and no other little guy will have one like it!


darling!! you are one talented mama!


You legend!!

 Still Lily

Too cool and might I add that Banjo looks quite dapper!:)


I don't comment on blogs a lot, and while the timing of this comment might seem suspect, I SWEAR its just because that is the CUTEST and SMARTEST thing I have ever seen! I honestly amaze me!! :)


You clever lady!!! That's the fabbest (it that a word? Now it is)cardy ever!!!

Shayna Proctor

I need to make one of these for Eric. I love it.


So cute! (banjo and the sweater) I love your free and easy way of creating. Thank you for inspiring other mommas. :)


a brilliant idea! i cannot wait to make one of these for my girl ... really blows open my mind to the possibilities!


That is just great...you must have a great stash to be able to pull together the great colour combo?


That is a gorgeous little cardi for a gorgeous little boy! What a clever Mama you are x


That is adorable - love what you've done with it!

Tracey Hespe

You are too clever!!! That is the cutest boy and the cutest cardigan


that is awesome. really awesome. i am thinking i may have to give this a try! :)




I wish I could sew like that

Ash Ladd

That is ridiculously cute!

Fauve van Maanen

That cardi is so super cute!


brilliant! i absolutely adore it! must give this a try for my lil' man...


making this tonight.... perfect snowy day project


Very funky!

My nephew had a large head up to two...not like freakishly large or anything...just would simply NOT go into any over-the-head item of clothing that didn't have buttons! So glad to report that he has "grown into his head size" now that he's 3 and a bit :-)


this looks amazing! and not too hard either..

kristen Van Dyke

In love with your tie dyeing and baby cardi! aack!

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