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April 05, 2011


camille yanair

those are so cute, i'm ((impatiently)) waiting for your etsy update! and what is a "spanner"?

Jill scripps

love love love! i need to do some of this!


gorgeous Em, as usual - I love them all!!! what a cute little model Yindi makes. :)

Desiree Fawn

SO lovely!!

nicole austin

these are adorable! i'd love to see some kid tees like this in your etsy shop! ;)


They are so cool, love them!
I'm with you on the boys t-shirts, here in the UK they seem so grown up, more what you'd expect to put on a teenager x


so great, definitely gonna try this one!
funny thing, i always thought your yindi and my sarah looked alike, and today I was looking at your post and Sarah came up behind me and saw your daughter and says "look, it's me!". I just had to laugh, as she kept asking to see the pictures of "her" again and again!
Love your great ideas!


I think even I could give that a go ;) gorgeous xx


i love these, makes me want to get crafty!!!

Holly C.

Ohhh, I love these!



RSA Online

Oh that's so cute, I know someone who would LOVE to have that doll shirt for her daughter


you freaking GO GIRL!!!!

Shayna Proctor

I want to do this so bad. Such a great idea. You're amazing.




emily, these are fantastic!


You'll have to look at my facebook album- tshirts & onesies. For another owl idea with scraps :) love seeing your ideas! Cute stuff


i am swooning!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.
and i want some women's sizes :)


love these shirts! do you applique them with heat n' bond, or just sew the fabric directly onto the shirts? i always applique, but , pffff, if i can skip a step it will make it so much quicker!


What a fantastic idea! You are so creative and it seems so effortless.


I know you are SOO busy, but upload these please!~~ I am dying to get some for Paigey-girl and I'm salivating every time I come back here and look at the pics. :)


they're really sweet!


Those are perfect...love it! :)


oooh. i saw something like this in a hip (read expensive) store in town and was thinking, gee couldnt you just do that yourself?? AND YOU DID! they look great. i think i am inspired to try. i need to freshen up my baby clothes for baby #3 on the way...it is strangely hard for me to think of putting a baby in clothes worn by my other babies (so many memories!) but maybe if i could do this...well, i am inspired. THANKS. :)

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