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April 15, 2011



Oh look at the absolute care being taken with the neat sewing up! Makes my heart melt...


So sweet :-)


Ivy, you're a little craft miracle. Well done!


What a lovely gift. I love the little pockets, what a great idea. :)


That is beautiful Ivy, I am so proud of your lovely neat sewing and beautiful bird, xxxx


So beautiful! I love little girls who sew. :)

I'm thinking it would be a really sweet project to make for Easter, especially with some tiny chocolate eggs stuffed into the pockets.


Gah!! I may die from the cuteness of all of this!
Talent runs in your family, good job mom and dad!

Jill D

Perfect project for my Phoebe-bird.


what a sweet gift from one talented young lady!!! Well done, Ivy!

holly c.

What a sweet gift.

Thank you for the tutorial, Ivy and Emily!

liz eaton

great idea. dax would love making one of these, even if his dad would think it was too girly! whatever.

Erika Martin

Girly and I will definitely be making some of these! Thanks for the template and tutorial. I'll make sure to send a pic to you.


she is A.MA.ZING!!



hope your bday was rad!



dear ivy, that bird is soooooo cute! you are truly amazing. your mum and your craft teacher must me very proud of you, i'm sure - well, i would be ;)
and you inspired me to make a little bird straight away last night. we have a small easter table on the wood heater next to the dining table. and the little bird is guarding an egg that sebastian felted at school on friday. you can have a look at it here: http://nipabese.typepad.com/blog/2011/04/little-bird.html
lot's of love, nicole. and keep on crafting :)


Ivy, you are such a clever talented young lady!
I am going to show my daughter (who is a few years older than you) in the hope that she might be inspired by you and start sewing again.


How cute! Thank you, Ivy, for such a wonderful idea! I'll send you some pictures when we're finished with our lovely little birdies. :)

Kim in Vacaville

SO SO CUTE!!Quick question: Did you hand sew or machine sew the two large pieces together? This is the perfect project to make with my 6 year old niece. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration.


Thank you Ivy for showing this wonderful project. You did such a great job on your bird. I'm sure the friend you made this for will be very happy to receive it. Handmade is the best.

michele s

a truly excellent craft project! thank you for the tutorial. way to go ivy! xo


HOLY absolutely blog posts EM!!!! Like exploring a treasure chest coming back here after two weeks off the internet! Gorgeous yumminess at every turn! Beautiful easter pics!

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