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April 13, 2011



My life is beautiful right now as I look forward to becoming a volunteer this weekend with an incredible charity! So excited! Oh...and thanks for this awesome giveaway!


This is amazing!!! I love to watch talented people in their space. AMAZING!!! thank you for sharing!!!

Cathy Graves

Thank you for sharing these two amazing women. Their studios are beauty full and so are the things they make!! Just discovered your blog and am liking what I see so far!!


Sylvia Drown (Baxter's Mom)

It's always so much fun to peek into other artists studios! My life is beautiful because I just achieved 1 year and 100 post of Blogging! Come see me at Baxter's Mom...I have a giveaway going on too!


i L*O*V*E their work!
...my life is beautiFULL because my 3 kids are healthy & happy...

thanks for the chance to win & for the studio "tour"!


these ladies are fantastic, i can just imagine how much fun the 3 of you are together! thanks to you all for this give away, pick me, pick me! :) kat


my life is beautiful because of the family and dreams my husband and i have created.

Sarah M

What a fun post--I loved seeing each space. My life is 'beauty full' because we are content. We have the perfect little cozy house, plenty of space to play and plant in the backyard and a husband who is home by 4 everyday!! We're blessed big time!
Sarah M


What amazing spaces!
My life is beautiful because we are a happy contented family and I have 3 healthy happy children!


It's beautiful because it's spring, we're healthy, my first roller derby bout is Sunday, and I might not have to sell my Vespa for some extra money like i thought! Thanks for the giveaway!

Samantha :)

 Still Lily

Love seeing these spaces...as I am trying so hard to organize mine! Very inspiring!
My life is beauty FULL because I get to be home with my children and dabble in my creativity.

ingrid {my peacetree}

big dreams, hands covered in paint, warm spring days bursting with sunshine, and exciting adventures lingering on the horizon make my life beauty full!


My life is beauty full because it is full of wonderful people and a God who loves.


My life is beautiful, despite my health problems, which could get me down. Instead, I concentrate on my love for teaching, my love for making art, and the strength of a healthy relationship--the first in my life!


My life is beauty full because I am the only thing I've known that I wanted to be my entire life, a mom.


My life is full of beauty and beautiful because I am still breathing and I am in love with my 2 boys and all that they give to me as a mother and a wife!

Katie R

My life is beauty full because I have three wonderful, crazy, amazing daughters and a burgeoning sense of grace. Thank you so much for sharing these today--I feel so inspired!


i can't decide if i'm more in love with their work or their work space!


My life is full of beauty because I have friends and family that I love and that love me in return!


I believe ALL of life is full of beauty and beauty-full - sometimes we simply forget to look for it! It is in the little things, in nature and in those around us all. the. time. Not just when we are expecting it :)

What gorgeous studios, I crave a space like that!


So much creative beauty here! My life is beauty full because I am happy, healthy, and in love with my husband =)

Christina C

WOW! Those two ladies are truly talented! My life is beauty full to me because I have the most amazing little family I couldn't ask for a better husband or a more amazing baby girl! Life is good!

Jane T in NW Louisiana

My life is beauti-full because I have two adorable little great granddaughters.


Love Liz's stuff and I follow her blog and have done for years. My life is Beauty Full because it is filled with my beautyfull son Ryder and Beautyfull friends and i live in Beautyfull Melbourne Australia


Love the giveaway! My life is beauty full because I am the mom to four amazing children:)

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