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April 13, 2011


Lindsay Sledge

My life is beautiful right now because I'm finally enjoying the present rather than day dreaming of things to come.


Life is beauty full becaue the snow has finally melted!


my life is beauty-full because I have Jesus ... He has provided many blessing, but those I cherish most are a wonderful husband and four adorable children. my life is beauty-full because God has given me so much and continues to show me I'm capable of more than I think I am. our fourth child, Zoey, was born with a heart defect, a common issue for little ones with down syndrome - which she has. every time I look at her smiling face (or even grumpy face - lol) I am reminded how beauty-full my life is! and I thank God for it!


love those frames and signs! my life is full of beauty and am thankful every day for it.


while both studios look fantastic... i love the open space of emilys! thanks for sharing!


My life is beautiful because my job is cuddling, reading, crafting, teaching, running, playing and nurturing 3 boys.
Liz and Emily have AMAZING studios!


oh i just LOVE signs that are a play on words. so clever. i just screen printed a t-shirt that says "make smart choices in your life" but when you look at it closely it really says "make art your life". i wish it had been my original idea, but you know what - it doesn't matter because 'life is beauty full' no matter where all the creative ideas come from :)

Renee Alam

My life is "beauty full" because I have been blessed with the ability to homeschool my children and be able to spend more free time with them and become their friend.The time with my children is very precious to me and so I value all the time we get together.

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my life is beauty full because i have a sweet little two year old, a husband, and a little one growing inside of me.


My life is beauty-full because the snow is gone and the spring colors are coming back. It is wonderful to be able to walk outside and see actual colors - not just snow and grey. :)


Thanks Emily for this tour into 2 awesome studios ! I love the sign you brought home and your necklace is so cute.
My life is beautiful because, i have a job i adore, a great family and awesome friends to spend time with.
Thanks for the chance to win.


LOVE those frames. They're gorgeous! and of course, Beauty-full


Amazing, beautiful studios!

My life is beautiful at this moment because I've had a productive morning of studying and a friend just invited me over for tea!


My life is beautifl because it's an unknown adventure. Every day there is swist and turns with two little kids I am so lucky to have and a loving supportive husband whom I don't always get along but admire and can't live without. There is absolute beauty in this chaotic little household full of fun and no dull moment!

Amy P.

Love! So creative!
My life is beautiful because of my 2 sweet little boys and my wonderful husband, we just celebrated our 9th anniversary!!


My life is beauty full because I get to help people everyday when they can't help themselves!


My life is beauty full because tomorrow I am going to spend half the day running on trails up and down mountains and overlooking the ocean.


Those are some amazing items they make! My life is "beauty full" because I have a husband who loves me and our three super talented, wonderful, funny, best ever children!


My life is Beauty Full because I am loved and I love and love makes life oh so full of beauty.
Peace & Love,


My life is beauty full because I watched my daughter swim across the pool today.


Life is beauty full because of all the creative ideas I get every day from other people. Thanks for showing me those awesome studios and talented ladies. I can't wait to visit their shops!


My life is Beauty Full because I have been blessed with seven AMAZING, fabulous children and one perfect husband that keep me smiling and laughing each and every day!! I could never have asked for anything more!!


Life is beauty full because I have two awesome sons, a good job, hobbies I love, and I survived the Joplin tornado! Life is good!!

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