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April 13, 2011



My life is *beauty full* because now that my two kids are in school, I went back to university to achieve my goal/dream of becoming an art teacher. I enjoy every minute of my new life :-)


three smart healthy kids makes my life beauty-full.


Wow, their stuff rocks! My life is beauty FULL because I have love in my home, two beautiful kids to experience life with(one who is recovering from Autism - amazing boy) and a wonderful husband who is more patient than I!


My life is beauty full because I am learning to simplify and I can teach my children that skill unlike the stressed out life I was taught.


oh, wow! both of their spaces are so incredibly inspiring! i think you picked the perfect piece to bring home and your necklace is PERFECTION all wrapped up on a tiny circle. :)

life in and of itself is 'beauty full'. the boring and mundane, the exciting and full of joy. it's all good. but mostly what makes it so 'beauty full' are two little girls, who i'm lucky enough to call my daughters....who love me despite my shortcomings and are the best at extending forgiveness when i fail them.

thank your friends for giving all of us a chance to win!


Totally loving the beauty full spring weather we're finally getting. Also loving the giveaway- thanks.


these sisters are amazing! today my life became a little extra beauty full when we found out that the bunny that lives in our yard had babies today! she built her nest right beside our front steps and this afternoon we saw five beautiful little still-wet bunnies in there!


my life is Beauty Full because it includes my precious wee ones and this amazing earth.


wow such cool spaces. My life is beauty full cos of my kids and hubby, my garden and amazing blogs like these. They bring sunshine to my day.

Krista H

great giveaway :) my live is full of beauty because I am graduating school! excited, yet nervous about the upcoming graduate school. these would help me focus on the positive!


my life is beauty FULL because of the wonderFULL people in it!!


Beautiful studios they have! My life is "beauty full" because I am surrounded by people who love me; I love to create; and I try to live an honest, truthful life.

laurie b

my life is beauty full because i am finally at a place in it where i know, and seek, all that i need. love looking at these cool studios and the talented women who inhabit them.


My life is beauty full because of God's love and my sweet family!

Angie Glaze

My life is beauty full because through the physical eye-it is messy,disheveled,chaotic and interrupted.Through my soul's eye I see my life as peaceful,calming,rooted and flowing.It makes my heart sing.


My life is beauty FULL because I just celebrated my 8th wedding anniversary yesterday and 13 years in all together with my best friend. Everything truly happens for a reason and even the hardest things we go through can bring clarity in the most unbelievable ways. After a long, tough year my husband and I clawed through, held on and made it through. Now much stronger and there wholly for each other and for our 2 boys. Life, even when it's tough, truly is beauty full.


I've got two healthy, happy boys and an awesome husband. That makes my life beauty-full. :)

Donna Heart

I loved that sign so much I headed straight over to em's shop and bought one on persistence! But I would love to gift my bff who is leaving town with one! My life is beauty-full because it is filled with a hundred moments of love every day...xD

Funky Mommy

thanks for introducing us to these lovelies!!!

My life is beautiful because I am living the life I want to live with my beautiful daughters an awesome husband.

Thanks for the chance!!!


my life is beauty full - everywhere I look spring is bursting out.
So much inspiration here - thank you for sharing!

amy souza

My life at glance doesn't seem beauty filled right now, actually kind rough and dark....BUT there is always beauty, isn't there.
Sunny and 70 today, 2 beautiful kids, a husband who helps wash the dishes, a working vaccum, bean and cheese burritos, the color turquoise, new butterflies, laundry on the line.
there is ALWAYS beauty!!!


Love their spaces for creating and their creations! I can find beauty in all it's fullness in my children's faces as we chat during lunch, in the smell of sunshine on their skin and in my husband's hands as he holds mine.


Three beauty-full girls - a busy life, and everyone healthy and happy.


Aww- Life is "Beauty Full" mostly because of the joy and chaos 3 little ones bring ; )

mIss you!



My life is beauty full because my dreams are slowly becoming realities and its a beauty full thing!

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