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April 13, 2011



Thanks for sharing. So awesome to see how other people work! my life is beauty full, because it is full of creativity- both mine and my kids, full of adventure and discovery, and full of love. My life is pretty full! Great post Em.


What gorgeous work! thank you for introducing them to us!
My life is beauty-full because it is safe, my daughter and I are healthy, and the birds are singing outside! Have a happy day, xo natalea


Wow! beautiful pieces from both. My life is beautiful and perfect in every way, a loving family, a great part time job, and time to craft. just perfect.


wow, loved the peep into those two homes - what a talented pair of sisters and what gorgeous spaces they have created.

My life is beauty-full right now because I have a wonderful family, including the two most darling children who bring new beauty energy and joy into my life every single day (even if some days I have to look quite hard to find it)!


My life is beauty full because I have chosen to see it that way despite the downfalls I've had in recent months. I choose happiness. I choose a beauty full life.
Their stuff is amazing!!

Amy B

Those work spaces are such an inspiration! My life is Beauty Full because of my son who helps me see the wonder in every day and because of the circle of friends who share life with us :)


Wow - my belly did excited flips when I saw how cool and spacious those studios are. I'm trying to justify leaving our car out in the wind/rain/sun so I can renovate the garage. Way inspired!


P.S. My hubby and fam make my life beauty-full.


Thank you for bringing us with you to these cool ladies' creative spaces! Awsome... My life is beauty full since I try to always see the good in everything that happens! And life sure is full of beauty.


So many reasons - healthy children, a home in a safe place in a safe country, clean water, enough food, free health care, free education. Life is beauty full because we know that we have enough and we are so blessed.

nicole s

I love their style! My life is Beauty Full because I have a close group of friends. We've all been friends for 11 years and we've been through everything together. I am blessed by them!


On Saturday, my third little boy will turn 1! ONE! Where does the time go? But we are so blessed to have three healthy boys!
Life is good!

tammy g

So inspired by both of their work spaces. So lovely! Life is beautiful here because I love my little family and for God's provision.


Such wonderful studios!! Lots of creative goodness for a snowy Colorado morning. My life is beauty full (I think I need that sign) because I have been blessed with a fabulous husband and two teenage daughters whom I absolutely adore with all of my being.

Heather W

my life is beauty full because of my family & the fact that Spring is finally here!

Petra Stearns

My life is beauty FULL because of my 4 great kids, ah-mazing husband & the Gospel. I love my life & everyone in it! <3
You 2 girls are phenomenal at your art work! Love every bit. So inspiring! Makes me want to just stay home & create. :)


Those spaces are to die for! I am ready to run home and revamp my workspace ASAP! (Yikes, that would require cleaning ...)

My life is Beauty Full because of my friends and family who support and inspire me and this wide, wild world which never ceases to amaze and excite me.



Wow Em, I love both of their studios and their work! My life is beauty FULL because I am surrounded by people that I love!! xo


Those studio spaces are so wonderful and inspiring. Emily's studio is about the size of the entire downstairs of my house! Liz's space reminds me that I have a box of metalwork tools stashed away at my parents house that I really need to make use of one day...
My life is beauty full because I am spending my days learning with and getting to know my 3.5month old baby girl (called Ivy!) and dabbling in crafts, slowly trying to figure out what I want to do when I have more time.

Sherri P eh

My life is so very beautyfull! Spring break and good weather seem to be aligning. I look forward to a beautyfull week with my beautyfull kids!!
Thanks for a great post Emily -- beautyfull!! XO

Erin D.

Watching my 9 yr old daughter loving on her long-awaited new baby brother (who now fills the empty spot at our table) makes my life even more *beauty full* than it was before.

Sarah L

WHat a great giveaway!!!!!


Life is Beautiful... because it's a gift from GOD; every breath, person and situation - how BLESSED we are!

Love the artists that you presented today! Their work makes my heart smile!


they have to be the most gorgeous work spaces ever! is the give away open to the uk? my life is beauty because i can finally say that i'm happy :)

Natasha Smith

My four healthy kids make life beauty full. Spring weather helps too!

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