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April 10, 2011



Now we know why its called 'The Joys of Spring' - sounds like a lovely weekend !

Gallery from the soul

what a lovely weekend you had just like heaven :)) cute bird :)


See, all that hard slog of winter makes you enjoy it all that much more. Didn't see your text until we were just about to leave...had a busy weekend working on the house anyway, but we are up for all of next week...and the 2 weekends either side. I WILL CALL YOU!!


how sweet it is...


Yay!! I've been loving spring too, I am just wishing she'd stick around a bit more consistently, but any appearance is greatly appreciated!


yeah - spring in new england! makes the ridiculous winter we just had almost worth it for this.


no WAY!! You've got tulips already!!! Gaaaaawsh logan has long winters!!!


A perfect weekend!
Love the look of that book, so much so, I've just ordered it!

Shayna Proctor

Oh I've been praying for spring. You really know how to celebrate the grand arrival.


spring came to us this weekend, too....
thank god.
i think my hubby can cancel my room at the mental institution. i might not need that room with the padded walls after all.


yay for spring! i saw a crocus this weekend and i think i actually teared up. YAY! happy for you that you survived after all :)


Over here in England we have had the most wonderful Spring weekend too. The sunshine and fresh winds are amazing to feel after the coldness of Winter.



I have been loving the spring weather also! I love that bike(and so would my boys), can I ask where it is from?

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