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June 09, 2011


karen eyink

"take two zero's off your budget and then you can get creative" quote from a Brazilian city planner.
Nice Work!

carole R

As a fellow 'old dear', I much prefer the larger font size. I dont have to have my specs perched on the end of my nose now - which stops the "Mrs Tiggywinkle" jokes!!
Love the cardis!


The birds + trees on the pockets are gorg! And how cute are those brown shoes he's wearing. What make are those?

ira lee

oh, now he mathches his sisters!!! i love the hippie and handmade look you have perfected on your little offsprings!!


oh i love them!!! you are way too creative...actually, i guess you can't be too creative, right? :) i am still mastering just the patches...

gloria king

Dear Emily,
I love the cute little outfit you made for Banjo. Makes me wanna have a baby,but I have 3 so Oh well. I want you to know that I miss the fact that your not local. I know I only really met you a couple times but I feel san Diego was sweeter when you lived here..

Heather Eats Almond Butter

You totally make me want to learn how to sew. I LOVE your teeskirts. Just pinned them on my "I Want" board. My husband gets scared every time I get on Etsy. Haha. However, I will talk him into one of your skirts! So cute. :)


Big font = good reading!! x

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