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August 29, 2011


Michelle C

I REALLY appreciate this! In church yesterday part of the sermon was about how most of the clothes we buy new at stores are from factories in different countries where employees are treated TERRIBLY and paid hardly anything.. the conditions in the factories are so inhumane.. I've been trying to make my little ones clothes lately.. it's alot easier when they are small! sizes 2t and 3t ! Your kiddos are so lucky to have such a great mama <3 xo Michelle

Desiree Fawn

Wow! These are incredible! :)

Shayna Proctor

I'm in love with all of her clothes. You are a wonder mom. I want to live close to you again and have sewing parties.


I love everything about this and thank you for sharing your ideas. X


Ivy looks so cute...well done em :) Glad the storm didn't work you over too much!


Love!Love!You have inspired me to start digging through clothes and revamping them. My daughter is the same way, skinny waist but legs are growing like bean poles.

holly c.

You are a recycling artist!!!


Oh my lordy! I had NO IDEA you did all this! WOW> I love those yellow pants.

Janelle, UT

I hope you know how much good you do in this world by inspiring others to do better. Thank you for posting all of these things. Such good ideas to jump off from.

Erin D.

I remember when I was reading about you starting up with the sewing and how you didn't think you were much good with it. Lookit you! You're a brilliant seamstress and designer all rolled up into one!

Are you using a serger? Which one?


One of these days, we really need to get together for a crafty weekend and upcycle/refashion clothes for our girlies. :)


in my next life, i want to be you :)
love love love the new clothes!!!

Sherri P eh

You are a creative genius with a sewing machine Em! Love Ivy's new wardrobe and it looks like she does too!
Glad that Irene left you pretty much unscathed -- us too, thank goodness! XO

Amy P.

Wow!! You are great at this!! I wish I could sew like that!! Just got a sewing machine for Christmas last year and last month I finally threaded the machine, now I just have to teach myself to sew!! Thanks for the inspiration!! And the ideas!!


You are truly inspiring!


great job, great style, great reuse, great girls!


I love nothing more than little girls who wear clothes that suit their personality, what beautiful outfits.

ira lee

these are great!!!!


Amazing and beautiful! So glad to see her so happy in her new duds, too. Very inspiring!

Renaisy Daisy

So cute, I love the pants, I am super tall so It's nice to be inspired with what to do with high-waters.

Amanda C.

You are seriously amazing and inspiring! Ivy looks fantastic! I have GOT to learn to sew! :)


Em, you are AMAZING! You are such a good role model to your children and others - never doubt that. I'm sure she is beyond thrilled to have her very own fashion line! Great job...really inspiring. I have lots of favorite clothes sitting around just haven't had the heart to cut them up. Really should put them to use! Nice job


Each outfit fits Miss Ivy to a "T" and she certainly wears them well! I love your energy and thoughtfulness in making something gently used new again. You are amazing!

I have some old sweaters lying around that need a new life - just need to pick my brain about what to do with them.

Julie Coryell

I am SO inspired! Seriously!!

kelly mccaleb

you know how much i absolutely love you for this. thank you for being so amazing, and for being the poster girl for anti-materialism!! love it! love ya!

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