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September 07, 2011



My goodness
In knowing your beautiful family and your children their names are so precious.
This person was very rude---
I'm sorry for that em.
Love ya


Very eloquently put! Your children are truly blessed to have parents that encourage their explorations and embrace and celebrate their uniqueness all while teaching them fundamental values. If more parents thought like you, the world would be a far better place - at least your little corner of it is!


Well put. I have always thought that names must be well thought out for children: the meaning of the name itself, the meaning it holds for you, and how it fits the child.


Thanks for sharing the stories of where the inspiration for your children's names came from! I always love hearing those stories. Names are a way of honoring people, places, and things that are important in our lives and something to be proud of! I'd much rather tell someone that I'm named after someone/something special than "my parents thought it sounded nice together"... it makes me more.. ME!

and kudos to you girl! you handled yourself with lots of poise and grace. rudeness doesn't always deserve such a dignified response. I'm proud to read such a "weird hippie blog" :)

karen eyink

Bravo, the nerve of some people. I remember singing Waltzing Matilda in 4th grade. I never knew about who wrote it. This has been highly informative.


I love the names of your children, and they got even prettier now that you explained the thoughts behind them. When we lived in the US people had a really hard time with our very common, Swedish name Gustav (the name of many a Swedish king), while they loved Elina's name. We secretly laughed at the name "Fisk" (meaning fish) and a few more, but we never made any rude comments like the ones we occasionally got about our son's "weird" name. So, you go girl! May your kids keep developing into beautiful human beings.

Sherri P eh

Well said Em! XO

judy in carefree

Thank you so much for sharing the origin of your children's names. I always wondered about them but assumed the younger two had names with very special meanings to you and Mick and I now see that Ivy's name is special too.

Our daughter is named Laurel and people always tried to call her Lori when she was little, but her name has never been anything but "Laurel" to us. Our granddaughter is named Laken and people are always calling her "Lincoln"...I don't get that but she was named "Laken" because of a very special lake that was and is part of our other daughter's life.


Well said Beautiful Mama! I love the history of the names you so carefully picked. Hopefully Maria and those like her will be more thoughtful in the future. xoxo

Erin D.

Glad you responded to that particular comment... I don't think our children's names should ever be up for discussion with people who know nothing about our families or backgrounds. I don't really *get* the need to leave negative comments either, especially when the subject is not up for debate.

Btw, your children have lovely names and it's nice to know how they got them.


Really, that was such an insensitive comment, especially on something so personal to you. You handled yourself very well, Em, and that was such a good idea to educate that commenter. Sometimes that's all ignorant people need.


Bravo, Em! You tell 'em.

rachel whetzel

LOVE the stories behind your children's names. LOVE them!! I'm kinda glad for that thoughtless commentor... I got to hear a beautiful story about three beautiful names and why you chose them. Of course, I always HAVE had a heart for weird hippies. ;) Love you.


I immediately saw the ozzie roots. Perhaps this woman has never been outside her own country, state or even town. There's a lot of that in these parts. Apartheid? What's that? Australia? Do you drive to get there or fly - aren't you guys communists because you believe health care is a right?
(groan) (I could go on, but I HAVE have have to stop myself)


you go, girl! xoxo

Stacey R

I can't believe some of the things people will tell others... especially online where they don't have to do it in person. It makes me so angry.

I'm sorry you're getting comments like these. Your kids names are beautiful... just like your family is. Keep on keepin' on.

Sherri P eh

DON'T stop Jaz -- miss you!! XO


Your children's names are beautiful! Who wants an average boring name anyway? when I was in school there were several Angela's in the same class. I hated it and wanted an unusual name so badly. A name no one else had!I made sure my kids have unusual names for that reason:)

Some people have such shallow lives they have to pick on others. Its sad:(


Way to go Em. Kudos to you. There are a lot of mean people in this world. You were completely justified in not letting this one go. Very nicely said.

dawny dee

there was such a sad tone to your response. i so hope that you arent taking this person's thoughtlessness to heart.
and they say there's good to come out of every bad. in some cases it can take some time to reveal itself but in this instance its pretty quick - because i just know that your explanation and gracious way of handling the comment have touched many people in a positive way.
keep on being true to yourself em - you've got an army of supporters here in the internet that love you,your uniqueness and courage more than you could ever know.


Well said! And your children are just as beautiful as their names. Seeing their little pictures always makes me smile.


Ugh! I loathe rude people, but I love the stories behind the names. Truly beautiful.


Amen !!!
I don't understand why people would bother to make such comment ! It's the second blog i read today where the writer of the blog answer to mean comments...
I guess these people pass the word, or maybe it's the same person ?
If you don't like what you read why do you bother spending time reading, and even write a comment ???? Click on something else !


It never seems to amaze me when people think they are just being honest and speaking their mind that they don't take into consideration not everyones mind works the same way! They don't even seem to get that they've hurt anyones feelings....I'm not so sure that this is "speaking their mind" as to more of narrow mindedness!

I so enjoy stopping by your blog and reading what you and your family are doing. I love the unique and special names that you and Mick have chosen for your beautiful children. The way you teach your children and live your lives should be a lesson to us all. I'm sorry that you have to be subjected to such insensitive remarks.

alison holcomb

well put! it's sad to have to defend yourself to people on your own personal blog.. i love how you handled this though.

i've read your blog for years and always admired you guys for naming your children something original- and now after hearing the meanings of your precious one's names- i adore their names even more. your children will grow up to be proud they have a name that their parents took so much thought, meaning and history into. what a beautiful thing to have passed down to them!

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